Welcome to the site, I’m changing things up a bit so please excuse the mess.

No more GoFundMe crap, didn’t even raise a penny from it anyway, besides I’m working again and have been sense March 2017. However if you feel so inclined to help me better my financial standing you can still donate via PayPal or buy something via any of the affiliate links.

Oh I almost forgot you can follow me and join me on my social quest to make friends and become a success on a few social networks, they are all works in progress but you can help me build them up sky high just find me on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Personal, Facebook Page, Instagram (really behind there), and lastly the one I need the most work on Google+. I always follow everyone back unless they are fake accounts with lots of followers and no content, I may be a little behind in following back because I manually check each one.

Here are some things you may notice if you’ve visited before… Also just click on Blog to read my so called articles. One more thing, there is an ad block that I plan to remove if I can, it is on the Blog page and says Related Products even if its not bad on the desktop or laptop it is horrible on small screens like smart phones.

  • Cleaner layout
  • Simple Homepage
  • Better Navigation
  • Fewer but better ads
  • Better Content (Removing some old post and adding new focused posts)
  • Goals (Site will focus on different types of blogging, social networking, and making money)
  • You’ll see slight changes to the sidebar until I get everything looking good, and the theme may change some until I find one or can afford to buy one that works for what I want it to do.
  • Better contact forms, better signup forms, less annoying forms.
  • Harder signups to cut back on SPAM and fake accounts.

You will find all of this and more over the next few days, I will be putting in extra time and energy into this blog. I have already drafted five new articles on five different subjects, granted I got the ideas form other blogs about blogging but I convey the information in my own way, using my own words, and my own images… If I do use someone else’s content they will get all the credit and a link to their article, blog, and such or I will usually ask first before I just take it, unless they don’t have a contact form or answer their emails.

Anyway to see the posts just click on the blog link or archives on the sidebar. I’m sorry that I have not been adding any new content for the past four months but I’ve been really busy (cough) leveling alts in World of Warcraft… no I’m not kidding I’ve gotten hooked on that bloody game again, so you may see the occasional post about it from time to time.


About The Author
Robert Atchison Jr Owner of Bloggtotheworld.com Vessel Captain with ACBL, husband, father, blogger, photographer, painter, with a passion for online entrepreneurship such as affiliate marketing, eBay and Amazon. I also enjoy being social on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Other than online activities I also like to go out for a night on the town when I can afford it or have the time, camping, swimming, working out (a little), etc.