Sorry For Not Posting More

I’m sorry that I haven’t written more posts I’ve been real busy making a living and trying to find a full time job. Well on the 26th of February 2017 in have to drive to New Orleans and Fly to Houston for an interview and if all goes well I’ll be back on the boats on the 1st.

I‘ll be able to do more research and work on the blog more often when I don’t have to spend almost everyday trying to make money. I should also have more time to work on my book(s).

I’m almost done packing just making sure I have enough for two weeks, it’ll be great if everything goes well to have a regular check come in every two weeks. I can also keep working on my side projects, until they become steady sources of income, and boost what I bring home, within the next two years I want to be making over $200,000 a year combined income.

Anyway I will get to work on the blog soon!


Quick Useful WordPress Blogging & Social Plugins

I don’t normally recommend paid WordPress plugins but hey I need the money, no really I need the money… that and they are rather useful. However these three WordPress plugins and one to make your social build and grow your Facebook Fan Page, which can work hand in hand with your WordPress blog.

This will be a very short and to the point I’m not going to waste your time with a lot of crap. You’ll either like them or you won’t, they are all ClickBank affiliate links.

  • Socrates Premium WordPress Theme – Create And Monetize Custom Niche WordPress Blogs With This Advanced Theme. Multiple Layouts, Custom Header Graphics, Backgrounds, Styles, Social Media And More.
  • Wpclicks – Watch Your Site Visitors – WordPress Plugin
    WordPress Analytics Plugin — Discover Everything Your Visitors Do On Your Website. Watch Real-time, Live Video Recordings Of Your Visitors’ Interactions With Your WordPress Sites. Easy One-click Install.

  • CB Press – ClickBank Marketplace WordPress Plugin Publish The Entire CB Marketplace On Unlimited WordPress Blogs With Your Affiliate Id. Build Custom Product Lists, Create Niche Marketplaces, Customize Categories, Product Titles, Descriptions And More.
  • Fan Page Robot – Automated System To Grow Social Media Fanbase & Leads Innovative Features: One-click Viral Content Generator, Lead & Revenue Generation, Generate Hashtags To Get More Likes And Followers, Autopilot Your Social Networks And WordPress Blogs, Etc.

Brief Review of the Empower Network

I’ve always been one to try different ways to make money online be it blogging, affiliate marketing, or social networking but have failed at most of them. There are just so many systems out their and 99.5% of them only want to sell you one service after another and then another to try to get as much money out of you as they can.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with an up sale or two or even a down sale lord knows I can’t afford $195 a month not any more anyway. The latest one that I signed up for was for Empower Network it seemed like a good way to go at $19.95 and then $19.95 a money… but wait what, I can’t get paid unless I upgrade to a higher priced package!

WTF people took about crooked, $45 a month is the lowest which don’t get you crap, then it goes to $95 a month really no kidding, and if that is not enough then up it even more to $195 a month which is the only package that seem like it would make you any money. Now I don’t know about any of you but I personally can’t afford to pay that kind of money each and every month I could do it when I was making over $100k a year and I damn sure can’t do it now.

I’m not even going to link to them, after all what’s the point if I can’t get paid for sending people to them. All I can see is that sure it may work but only if you pay for the top two packages and then there is a chance that after you go through it all that you want make a single cent. I’m the type of person that thinks if someone says they are going to teach you something and its $19.95 a month then teach me and don’t try to up sale me a bunch of crap.

Give it to me straight, be upfront and let me know before I buy the first package that it’s useless without spending more money. They should allow you to earn money at the lowest ranks so that you can afford to upgrade to a higher package later.

Now I’m not knocking the information they share I’ve heard it all before for other packages, build a list, start a blog, build your social following, make money. Sounds simple enough right? Well there are some free and low cost list management tools like MailChimp that will allow you to collect email addresses and send them automated messages, this can be sent weekly, monthly, or daily its up to you… but I’d go with bi-weekly just to be safe.

Send useful stuff in your messages like tips, secrets, links to some of your other articles, affiliate products, etc. Keep it short and sweet you don’t want people falling asleep reading it do you and not buying. Also give them the ability to share it with their friends.

I’m going to stick with it for a money and if I can get all the basics down I make upgrade to the $45 package and give it a month to produce an income. I don’t just want to request my money back, not without trying, but here is the thing they only offer your money back for 14 days, now I’m not the smartest guy but 14 days is not really enough time to do anything online at least that’s been my luck, maybe they are different but I’ll see.

Blogging and Being Healthy Can Go Hand in Hand

Now it’s no secret that I like to use affiliate marketing and blogging and social networking and any freaking thing that I can to make money online and off but did you know that I care about your health! Well you do now, if your not health it’s hard to focus and you just don’t get what you need to do done.

Now there is an affiliate program that claims to help you loose about 20 pounds or more in 12 days or less, now for me that’s a little too fast but there is nothing wrong with the system, and it does work. However I would use it for 12 days, quit for a week then maybe do it again if I needed it.

The problem is that these types of programs are hard to promote on some social networks like Pinterest, it triggers there SPAM guards, but it’s not SPAM, if you follow my directions you’ll save money and I’ll make money it’s a win win type of thing. Now if you don’t want to drop a few pounds then don’t order it, if your not willing to try then don’t order it, they do offer your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

Here is the trick to getting it for less, click on my link, then close it, you’ll get a pop-up offering you a lower price, but it only does this once. Heck quite a few vendors use the same trick. Anyway I’m not like that I want you to get a good deal… so without killing your time click the image to buy it… you will be taken to a sales page.

 Enjoy and follow the directions, it’s a three week diet but there is no need to over do it. Like any diet you should know your limits and follow what they tell you, if you have health issues check with your doctor first before doing any diet.

The main reason behind this post is because Instagram blocks this link, it sets off their SPAM guards for whatever reason, it’s not SPAM. This is done to try to get around some of the safeguards and provide you with access to the 3 week diet.

Drafting The Perfet Post?

Just what is the perfect post? It’s several things really… things like subject matter, attention to detail, length, how well you convey your message, and so on. I’m not really even sure if it can be done, I don’t think I’ve personally ever written the perfect post, I’ve read about it, but have yet to find it.

I think that as long as you put you heart into it and your happy with your work then it just may be the perfect post. If you can take something that is not easy or even fun to do and make it sound easy and interesting then you may have what it takes to write the perfect post.

I however don’t have those skills, I get ahead of myself and even leave things out. Then again that’s one of the great things about having your own blog, nothing is set in stone and it all can be changed. I really like how easy WordPress makes it to edit your past posts.

I’m never really truly happy with any of my work, and will go back and read over some of my past work. I will then change it if I see something wrong or maybe even delete the whole thing. Also the perfect post is one that doesn’t try to do all the work on its own, it uses other resources and is not afraid to send people to another site for more information.

I have a couple dozen posts that have been in the draft stage for months, because I don’t feel like they are good enough to be published. You don’t always need pictures or video in your posts to make them perfect, just like you don’t have to try to sell something with every post… hey don’t look at those AdSense ads they appear everywhere because of an plugin.

I could go on and on about stuff that is way to hard to achieve, what really matters is if you are happy with it and others don’t tell you how much it sucks then you can tell yourself that you have written a post that is as close to perfect as you can get… then you see that you’ve misspelled four or five words and you used four or five ands in a sentence and stuff like that lol.

Blogging Basics

So you want to be a blogger but your not sure where to start or even what to blog about. Well I’m going to walk you step by step on how to get started with blogging. It’s really not all that hard, the hardest part is picking out a domain name that fits what you want to blog about.

Take my blog for example it’s about blogging and blogging to everyone in the world, ok so maybe I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I’m working on it and people like you can help by sharing anything you like about this site on social networks or with your friends but that’s really another topic for another time… moving on.


Picking A Topic: Step One
The very first thing you should do is make up your mind on just what you want to blog about, who your target market is. Will you blog about blogging, making money, fashion, cooking, social networking, camping, travel, fishing, golf, health care, government affairs, etc. You can blog about anything you like you just need to have an interest in it that will transfer in how you write about your chosen topic.


Picking A Name: Step Two
You should pick a good name for your blog something catchy, that relates to your subject, and is easy to remember. Think about all the well known blogs about pets, blogging (not mine), making money, and so on. They all have different things about their names that relate to what they cover, mostly… so started with a different focus and shifted gears later on.

You’ll want something that is not overly long, but sometimes the name you come up with may not be available for when you go to pick your domain name. This is not really a big issue, you can use just the letters of the name is you have more than one word in your name, I could have went with or something like that if I wanted to.


Step Three: Getting Your Domain and Web Hosting
A domain name is your address on the internet, just like you have a physical address for your home you have a domain name so people can find your blog/website whatever you want to call it. If you are starting a new blog you may as well get a domain name and hosting package in the same place at the same time.

There are a whole lot of web hosts out there that offer deals on domain names and have low cost hosting, I’ve used about ten of them over the years for different sites that I started in the past, some failed because I didn’t know what I was doing, others failed because I just got lazy and forgot about them, and one got stolen because I didn’t have the money to pay for my domain name and when I got it someone had already snatched it.

Anyway here are three hosts that I really happen to like, the links are all affiliate links but you can Google the names if you like, I need money but I’m not doing this just for the money. If you click the links it does not effect how much you’ll pay, it just means that they will pay me a few cents to a few dollars. (Still waiting to be approved for Host Gator and Go Daddy)

  1. Host Gator | Get started for $3.95 a month, of course it can be more upfront depending on how long you pay in advance. Good Host, easy to use, easy to work with. Like most comes with a free domain with paid hosting plan.
  2. Blue Host | Same price as Host Gator, easy to use, simple to work with, has a better c-panel interface.
  3. Go Daddy | One of the big boys, they were the second web host I ever used and they were good, but it had too much going on and was hard to get around the site to the right area, but it looks like they have that fixed now.

Step Four: Decide On What Blogging Platform to Use
Now that you have you nice spiffy domain name and hosting account you need to pick something to help you manage your blog. I personally use WordPress because it’s free, has tons of addons, plugins, and themes. And the documentation is extensive so learning it is a snap.

Lets say you pick WordPress, inside you admin area of your webhost lies your CPanel or Control Panel. It allows to install different tools that can allow you to setup a blog, an online store, message board, etc. It does everything for you so it’s easy to do on your own.

There is really nothing to it after that, pick a theme that works for you and a few plugins that fit your needs. All you have to do then is whip up some interesting articles and other content like pictures and video if it fits and get everything looking good with some good content and your done… well not quite but your ready for the next step.


Step Five: Get Some Traffic
Your blog is looking great and your been plugging away for a couple of days now, your content is on point and you feel really good about it. So what do you do now?

Well you submit it to the search engines like Google and put your like in front of as many people as you can just about every day. Add your site to the end of your emails. Add it to all of your social profiles, join some message boards and make relevant posts and comments, be sure to have your like in your profile.

Make posts on Facebook and Twitter from time to time asking people to check out your new blog or share some of your articles. If your posts contain images you can share those on all of your social account Pinterest and Instagram included. Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter but you shouldn’t over look it. You want as many people to see your link each day as you can get.


Step Six: Getting Paid
So now that you’ve gotten some traffic and have the plugins in place where people can share your content with others then why not get paid for it. There is no reason not to earn money from your work, either by selling your own products and services or those of others.

Hope over to Google and signup for AdSense if you like, it’ll take you a while to earn anything but once you get your traffic levels high enough then you’ll start seeing some good returns. Also check into ClickBank and other affiliate networks, this will open up a world of products that you can sell. You can also check into Amazons associate program but I would hold off a little until you get some traffic because if you don’t make a sale in a few months then they’ll drop you from the program and you’ll have to signup again.

You’ll need to do some research on what products to offer but they should fit your blog. Amazon will give you access to a ton of products that can fit into any category, books, music, movies, games, electronics, you name it and Amazon is a trusted name so people see the Amazon link and they will be more likely to click on it.


Well that about wraps up the basics of starting a blog, no matter if your starting a blog as a hobby, a source for extra income, or a full blown business you can get a good start by following these steps. There are more advanced steps that you can take like paid search engine placement, Facebook and Twitter ads, and lots more.

You can even have some business cards printed out, make guest post on other peoples blogs, submit articles to article directories all with your link on them. Some even allow you to add your own affiliate links which not only helps you get more traffic it can help you make more money.


Products That May Help: Yeah They Are Affiliate Products

 Niche Blogger Now Offers Ready-Made Niche Blog Package

Sometimes Getting Extra Money Is Hard

Well I had one shot to get over $1000 before Christmas but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I can’t find my truck title and no one has offered to buy my desktop that I’m selling.

Somehow I got myself into a royal pickle this whole year. No steady income, a ton of bills, and everything I try fails. The only thing I know will be a success is the one thing I can’t do.

I am waiting to save up about $12,000.00 to help me start an apartment/rental property preparation business. Where I would have to have to clean, paint, and do minor repairs of apartments and rental properties.

I would also roll in a tile and grout floor polishing service into it so I could do office spaces too. However I have a hard time making $100.00 lol.

Finding A Job That Is Right For Me

I have been looking high and low for a job, not just any ole job… nope I am looking for a job that will allow me time to develop my own business on the weekends mainly and will be applying in person next week. The pay for these jobs are about half and sometimes a little more than half of what I used to make but I will try to explain, of course I may not even get the job(s).

I applied for Satellites Unlimited and looking into Cintas and Overland Solutions I will find out more about them Monday and may even apply. I will keep trying to raise money with my GoFundMe campaign and start buying the equipment I need to start my own business as a Apartment and Rental Move In Preparation Specialist.

I also plan on getting in Auto Club of America with sells a kind of auto, health insurance package, towing, road side assistance and discounts. Its a lot of stuff and even if I never sell it I’d still use it. I will also not worry about how stupid this paragraph is lol.

Also I will need to find a two to three bedroom apartment of furnished home in the Mobile Alabama area. During this time I will continue working on this website, social networking, writing my books, and whatever else I can do to get my life back on track. I would also like to find a new church and start going again… got to get right with the big guy.

I need so much money right now that if I thought I could sell my soul right now for a few million I would… but I can’t sell what’s not mine to sell it already belongs to someone. If I could just get out of debit, a decent ride, and a good place to live, with a little money in the bank and steady deposits coming in I would be happy.



Sometimes You Just Need To Shut-up and Listen

Now days people are in such a hurry, they hurry to get from place to place often because they were in too big of hurry to plan to leave on time or playing on their phones, (I’ve seen twenty-seven accidents this year, mainly from people in a hurry or one the phone, they are totally unaware of something called stopping distance).

They eat too fast, walk too fast (I’m guilty of that myself, never taking enough time to enjoy the sights around me), talking too fast (what was that you said, I didn’t hear all of it because you were talking like the micro-machines man), with all the hustle and bustle in the world we need to slow down, shut-up, and just relax… life is not going to pass you by if you stop to enjoy it once in a while.

The world is an amazing place when you give it a chance, I know that I drive too fast which is why I use the cruse a LOT!! I generally go about 75 sometime 80 if I really have to go if you know what I mean, those that seem to think they are Nascar drivers getting bumper to bumper going nighty miles per hour with behind people who are already riding their breaks, I mean come one there is no way you can react in time if they suddenly stopped without having a wreak or crashing into other drivers.

I watched and was rather amused a few weeks ago as this guy in a pickup truck came up behind me and was right on my bumper, I was behind a couple other cars and there were a few in the other lane, so this dumb jerk straddles the lanes as if that’s going to make the traffic go any faster, I was waiting my turn and following the car ahead of me a little too close for the speed we were traveling but this guy darts between me and the car ahead of me rear ends the car ahead of me and I still had a little enough distance where I veered to  the side of the highway safely.

The funny part was he hit the person ahead of me, and the car that took his place behind me which was riding my ass also hits the guy in the truck, and the person the guy hit ran into someone else, all because of that one stupid guy that was in such a hurry that he thought the traffic was going to part like the Red Sea did for Moses. Just lucky no one got hurt during the whole thing other than some minor damage to bumpers and some pissed off people, it got funnier and funnier as all of these people started fussing and cussing at each other, it was priceless I just leaned my seat back, shut my mouth, closed my eyes and just listened to all the stupid things they said until the police showed up.

They were all able to get their vehicles off the road to clear up traffic, and from what I could tell the guy in the truck had it a little worse, the front and rear of his truck had damage to it. It was a nice Ford F150 that looked new, it was black and I would’ve loved to have it, I’m more of a Dodge person by I’d take a Ford if it were give to me.

Anyway if these people would have just went a little slower then this would have never happened and they would have all been happy the rest of the night. The funny thing about the guy in the truck was that he was going to the same casino that I was and I got there before he did. I know this because I walked in played my freeplay and ate for free then as I was leaving he got out of the elevator that I was getting into, and here is something else that was funny he was parked on the same floor, the same section, and row I was parked in, I was parked a little bit farther away because I like to save the closer parking for older people, but not everyone feels the same.

I could go on and one, but there is really only one point to make here… Life is too short, so just relax, don’t stress, shut-up and listen to the birds sing, the wind blow, just enjoy it, because one day some stupid person in too big of a hurry just to do something stupid could just end your life or someone you love. So take a couple minutes to just slow down and enjoy the small things that this world has to offer.

I should have taken some pictures but I didn’t even think about my phone. Oh well I can still see everything clearly in my head, it seems to piss people off when you don’t tailgate the person in front of you, where these people learned to drive is beyond me if they even had driver’s licenses.

Easy AdSense Profits

Sometimes Dealing With AdSense Is Like
Sometimes Dealing With AdSense Is Like

Even after all these years AdSense can still make you some extra money. Granted it’s not quick money and can often take months or even years to see any real money from it, unless you have a very popular site or even better a few popular sites.

As with most ways that you can use to make money online its a numbers and placement game. You can’t just slap your AdSense ads just any ole place on your site, you need them to be seen, but not where it’s going to distract your readers from your content.

Towards the top of your pages, in the middles, and in the sidebar are all good places to display your AdSense ads, you can even stick them in the footer area but if you have long article or pages they will be less likely to be seen.

Here are a few things about AdSense that you may or may not know…

  • Google AdSense customer support doesn’t have a telephone number.
  • All you have to do is place the ad code on your sites, and Google will sell your advertising space for you.
  • Google AdSense much like Amazon uses Content-targeting technology which means the ads are relevant to your site’s traffic most of the time.
  • If you find inappropriate or misleading images or ads, just click Feedback: Ads by Google link below the ad image.
  • Clicking on the Ads on your site yourself is a no-no, and can/will get your account banned.
  • Also ads are not allowed to be opened in a new window, which seems kind of lame to me, after all you want people to stay on your site, or hope they don’t forget about your site.
  • Reports of clicks and impressions are updated about every fifteen to thirty minutes or so.
  • If you want more money, work on building your traffic. Don’t worry about which ads are getting the most clicks and where they are located.
  • Google AdSense is the largest source of income for many larger sites.
  • In 2014 Google made over $14 billion from the AdSense program. AdSense publishers made about $7 billion.
  • You must be 18 or older to submit and application for the AdSense program, or sign up under a parent or guardian.

There is really no need to drag this article out any longer, you want more money from AdSense or any other ad/affiliate for that matter then just place your ads on multiple sites you own and get as much traffic as you can get to go to the sites.

It’s really that simple, traffic equals money and it does not always cost money to get traffic there are plenty of free methods it just depends on how big of hurry you are in.

You can sign up for AdSense here. Don’t worry your not going to make me a single cent by clicking on that link.


My Six AdSense and ClickBank Affiliate Sites Review

I just got the links to six sites I ordered over this past weekend, it was only supposed to take 48 hours but took all week. I have to say that I’m not impressed with the design, the content, or the navigation. I really don’t like the way they look. As long as it took they should have done a better job or given me a rebate.

However they do contain some useful information but they could have been better! I should have gotten some control on the backend where I could change things because they truly suck in the design area. These sites are intended to make me money, however I don’t see that happening, but I could be wrong.

They sent me sites in the following niches… Banking, Cars, Cell Phones, Insurance, Real Estate, and Web Hosting.. The order was supposed to be for five sites, but I guess they tossed in an extra because it was taking so long. I’m going to give these a couple of weeks before I request a refund if I don’t make a dine… in the meantime I will submit them to Google and other search engines in hopes of getting traffic to them and maybe someone will click on the AdSense or ClickBank ads.

If you check them out be warning that the navigation is crappy, the home and sitemap links are at the bottom of the pages, why on earth would they do this is beyond me. I designed better website when I was twelve and that was a long time ago. Sure simple sites can still make money but when most people see these thing they will be like WTF I’m not clicking on this crap.

Now here is the thing, these sites contain 300 pages of content each, each page containing my affiliate links which is great, but as I read over them some have minor errors that I would never make. Also you will notice two links at the bottom of each page, Home and Site Map, click on Site Map to gain access to the rest of the pages. Feel free to click on all the AdSense ads you like or ClickBank products I need the money lol.

Anyway I will update this post again in a few weeks I’m going to list these sites in the search engines tonight and see how it goes, I’m also going to go one step further and post them on my Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. I don’t have a lot of followers but maybe some traffic will start to seep to these pages, that would be awesome.

It doesn’t matter if you click on those sucky links or not I don’t own them anymore I missed my payment because I had to use the money I made from affiliate links to pay some other bills.

Sitewide Change

I had hopes of this site becoming more of a content hub by allowing people to create groups and post their own articles but so far out of all the people that have registered it appears that none of them are creating anything other than SPAM. BuddyPress can be a great and powerful tool to help any blog grow if it is used properly.

Sadly I didn’t and still don’t know enough about the platform to make it a more useful tool to help this site grow and provide a wider range of content for the poor readers who stumble onto this site. I know I kind of lost my focus because BloggingToTheWorld is supposed to be about blogging, vlogging, making money, photo-blogging, and content creation.

Somehow I let personal feeling cloud my judgement and make me loose focus. I don’t like the site as it is and if I don’t like it I’m sure others will feel the same. For this reason I am redoing the site with better content, better plugins, better themes, and a better attitude.

There will still be some personal rants but they will have their own place. I’ve been brushing up on my WordPress skills and I may try to create a page for each type of blog post, have a dedicated homepage so that all my posts don’t appear on the homepage. I also plan on monetizing the site better, I will be adding AdSense to the mix and continue using ClickBank and Amazon products in my posts but only if the products fit, I’ll also be using other affiliate networks.

I will be leaving the top-bar and adding a form to the sidebar to collect email addresses for a mailing list. This list will be used by myself only and will never be sold, it will be used to send you special offers, freebies, and tips, your inbox will not be flooded by me as I only send emails to my lists once or twice a month or so.

I am going to start trying to make my posts more visual by adding more pictures and videos to my posts. I want to try to provide you with quality content that is not like everything else online, I want to make money from this website but not at the expense of making people feel unwelcomed and like they have to buy something, or signup for my mailing list because you don’t have to do anything if you buy a product, signup for my mailing list, or donate to the site then great if not that is fine because the content is free.

Still Some Problems

While the site looks a lot better now with the new theme there are still some errors that I have noticed. I will be working on these to night to try to get them fixed, nothing major just some small stuff like most of my sidebar items not showing but the site navigation shows just fine. Well if that doesn’t just beat all I fixed one of the issues with the comments not displaying a box.

To start with click on the article you want to comment on and scroll all the way down the page below the recommend articles and you should see the comment box, also please click on the share icons to your left and or the ones at the bottom of the posts. Thank you for your help in advance, now it’s time for me to find out why the sidebar information is not showing up like it is supposed to.

One Annoying Thing Fixed A Couple More To Go!

Alright so I just changed the theme and that was the problem with the navigation and I got the Google Ads working on mobile devices and my text now appears full width in my editor now. However there is another issue that I’ll address this afternoon when I get back home, and that is the ClickBank Ads that appears beside the first post… this is not really an issue with laptops, desktops, and large tablets. It is an issue for smaller screens like smartphones and small tablets. I will be turning these off for now, until I have time to figure out how to move them into the sidebar.

I don’t want to totally get rid of the ClickBank Ads because that is the only thing that has gotten any clicks of off the clickable products no sales but clicks. I don’t think it will really make all that much of a difference, may even help me get a little bit more readers by getting rid of them. Well that’s it they are gone once I click publish.

About Time For An Update

Wow I’ve need neglecting my blog and that’s not good! So I’ve been a little down on my luck but that’s life, I just have to keep looking, praying, and trying something is bound to take flight for me sooner or later I just need to stay afloat until something big happens.

I‘ve noticed some changes to my site, but I will have to look into them today. There is no navigation bar to the right of the posts which is odd, it may have to do with the theme but it’s not a big deal I’ll change it in a bit to see.

Also while writing my posts everything seems formatted to a set width and does not use the whole width of the editor like it used to, but I don’t mind that, it also may have to do with the theme or some plugin. Speaking of plugins I’m about to install “Insert Headers and Footers” mainly because it makes it easy for me to add the Google AdSense page level ads code to my blog.

I feel fairly well about thing lately no more bad thoughts but still have not found work yet. I did put in some applications one for Marquette Transportation and Kirby Marine, I did hear back from Kirby and they wanted me to send them a copy of all of my documents like TWIC card, drivers license, MMC, medical, radar, and so on.

Well I did as they asked last Sunday, and even tried to contact them Monday and Tuesday but didn’t have any luck I don’t know if they even got my information and I will call them Monday to check on it. I need a job that can pay the bills while I work on my business and making over $100k a year is not a bad place to be and if they are as short handed as they claim to be maybe I can get a $5k to $10k sign-on bonus or more.

Just so I have a little money in the bank until I start drawing some pay. Also I just got 5 new domains that I will list here as soon as they are done, the each will have 300 pages of information and be laced with Google AdSense and ClickBank products, my hopes is that after about three months I will starts seeing a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month come in.

Another thing if anyone reads this and know the answer to it please leave a comment… I keep getting new users signing up for the site, but I don’t have any interaction with them, granted most are span bots but it would be nice if I could add these signups to my Mail Chimp mailing list. Is there anyway to do this? I guess it would be blind signups more of a black-hat method, I think there should be a better way.

Anyway moving on, what else has been happening.. Oh I will be going to the casino Monday for a couple of reasons 1. I have $85 of freeplay and 2. after 6pm I get another $45 bonus that I can cash out. So even if I don’t win anything on the $85 I can still walk out with $45 so win, win, win… Wish me luck I need it, just don’t pray that I win, God has enough prayers to answer without that being one of them.

I just want enough money to pay what I owe, pay my dad back, and give my wife and kids a better life. Anyhow is it just me or is this update getting a little long? Doesn’t really matter but I would like to see more people visit this site, and a few donations would be great, what would even be better if I could get some affiliate sales before the end of the year, I have not gotten my kids anything for Christmas yet and doesn’t look like I will be getting them anything at all this year.

They both like to play World of Warcraft but I can afford to get them any game time right now, or even pay their internet bill which is over $570 now because it’s almost three months behind. Anyway I don’t mind not having any money for myself but when I can’t provide for my family then something has to give either my pride has to go and I get my ass out the door and start begging for pennies or I sit here and feel sorry for my self and rot away.

I think that I have been trying to find work, just not hard enough I fill out all these forms but never hear back and after two or three attempts to contact them I give up and move on… when what I should do is drive to their offices and demand to see someone about a job, tell them to test me, give me a shot, I won’t let them down. I don’t know, maybe I should start tell them lies to get a job, but I tell the whole story and don’t leave anything out, maybe that is my problem.

What I want is a full-time job that will pay me over $100k a year, and a few side businesses that can make me about $10k-$20k a month. I don’t want a lot. It’s not like I’m asking for millions or billions but just a few hundred thousand a year and I would be happy. I don’t mind working for a living, and look forward to it…

Does that mean that if I won a few million dollars at the casino or from the lottery or by the grace of God some very wealthy person hands me a few million that I wouldn’t take it or quite looking for work? Well I would defiantly take the money, and yeah I would quite looking for work because I would start my own small business by getting a bigger heat-press, a couple 3D printers, and some other tools designs and so on for a tee-shirt and gift printing business that would be mobile because I would have everything setup in a big trailer that I could pull behind a truck or van.

I could then travel all over the country and go to different fairs and trade shows and make some money. I would also buy stuff to resale on eBay while I traveled. I would do this with my sons before they move out on their own… but really I wouldn’t need a few million for this business on a couple hundred thousand, what a shame that I don’t have a job and my credit sucks at a whooping 540 and dropping. Bankruptcy is starting to look really good right about now.

Oh and also I was looking though some of the many making money online things I got over the years, most that I never even tried and found one I totally forgot about, because I am a member they gave me a crappy WordPress blog that I can’t do much with but you are welcome to check it out who know you may even want to give them a shot, I am starting to read over the information and I like it so far, don’t know why I didn’t do more with it years ago when I got it… anyway click here to go to the crappy blog that I need to post more stuff to.

Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Blogging

Writing blog posts can be time consuming and a lot of work but they don’t have to be. There are a whole lot of little tweaks, hacks, and tips you can use to hone your post/article writing skills, in this article I’ll share with you a dozen or more things that you can do to speed up your writing skills and I’ll also share what works for me.

For starters lets me say that everyone has his/her own style and using what works well for others may not be the best way for you. However it never hurts to impalement things that work for others into what works for you, who knows you may combine the techniques to produce the best, fastest writing method ever.

Alright for starters when writing an article it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you want to write about, no pun intended. Have a place that you feel relaxed to work in, for me this is just sitting back in bed, on the front porch swing, or in a rocking chair as long as it doesn’t make my butt hurt. Also the more you can write the more potential money you can make, not always true some people get lucky and write just a few and make some good money, but this article is not about making money that comes later.

Once you are in your zone, your work area is setup, and you have the idea for your post in your head you could just start banging away at the keys and this works for some, not so well for other. Some people are gifted with the ability to just flow through articles like it was part of their diet and crank out ten or twenty articles a day, while the rest of us are lucky if we get done writing one of two.

Here is what I like to do before I go to sleep. I take a pen and a tablet [paper notebook] and write out ideas for post topics. Some of them I know a good deal about and others I need to do a little research on, for the ones that I’m a little iffy on I place an asterisk * by.

The next morning or whenever I get started, I start by finding the place I’m going to do my best work at, open up my laptop, open up my notebook, turn my phone on silent, lay my Android tablet nearby just in-case I need to research more than I can on my laptop.

Once my laptop is on I open OpenOffice and add in post title then start filling it in with everything I want to cover or know about the subject, I also open up a web browser and do a search on the subject to see how many other article are online. I then open a couple of the top ones in new tabs, and even a couple for a few pages away in the search.

I then glance over them to see if there is anything in them that could make my article better. I read them quickly, take a few notes if there is not much that could help me and move on to the next one. I never just copy the work of someone else, I may take a key point that is common or if it is unique to their article I’ll copy it and add their name and site to it.

That is something you just don’t do, never steel the content that someone else worked on. Use it if you must but be sure that the credit goes to them, or better yet ask them some bloggers may have no problem with you using some of their work for a link back to their site.

Anyway moving on to writing faster. I like to do most of my work offline, well drafting it off line and once I’m done I copy it to my blog as a draft where I’ll tweak it a bit. [That’s to funny not to mention, I was typing tweak, but didn’t hit my a key hard enough so my auto-correct made it twerk]

Alright all joking aside, well maybe not all joking that would make it a very dull read, even more so that it already it so just deal with it ;). Ok moving on… many good and great bloggers agree that using a simple structure for your posts is a great way to speed up the writing structures like lists.

They also say it’s a good idea to play around with your headline, hack it a little you don’t want the same title as ten-thousand other articles, you want to stand out a bit, but still be in the same group… headlines like 7 Ways to Earn More Money Online, How-to Achieve Your Goals, or whatever. Just play with them and you’ll come up with something.

You’ll want you headline to provide a benefit that your readers will be drawn in by and make them want to read your post. You can write your article however you like, you can start with a simple list of tips and expand from there adding sub-headlines to help explain things a little better and break it down into more readable content. People tend to digest things in smaller doses. I’m not saying to skip on all the great content you are writing, just to break it up a bit, when will even make your article/post look a bit longer.

Give an inspiring conclusion or your best tips at the end, you can even add a call to action to get your readers to subscribe to your list but that’s another topic altogether. Introductions are important but when you write them is not that important, some people do it before they start on the main content of their article and some do it after the article is done.

I mainly do my introduction before I start writing, and usually only do one draft because I don’t go back and change the spelling of words I do that while I’m writing, which is not the best way to do things if your looking to bang out ten article a day or more but it works for me.

Sometimes mistakes are alright for some bloggers, as long as people know what you are talking about. I personally try to avoid them but sometime overlook them especially when I was doing all my work online. I never did like looking too stupid unless it’s just for fun lol.

Anyway I could go on and on and on, but for your sake and mine here are some quick tips in list form and I don’t want to start breaking one of my new habits that being a one hours time limit per post, and if I can get done faster then great yeah me.

Quick List of Speed Tips:

  • Come up with ideas for posts in advance | this reduces wasted time you can do this by making a list.
  • Make an outline each and every time | Use you idea, start with the key points, you can expand on them after your basic outline is done. Every topic will be varied depending on what’s it about but the basic just of it is.
    • An Introduction
    • You main content
    • Facts, case studies if any
    • and Conclusion
  • Breaking your outline down into bullet points that help move through the post can help greatly, they should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending.

Added Tips:

Reaching is a great and sometimes fun way to come up with great content for your next post or even the one your working on now and using the right tools and make it even better. You spend an hour or two the night or morning before you plan to write coming up with ideas and then doing some research, take some notes, and when you start you article you should breeze through it.

Once your are writing don’t stop, if you come to a point that you need to do a little more research on or fact checking just mark it with an asterisk, X, highlighter, brackets, or whatever. Once your done with the first draft while the idea is still fresh in your head then go back and edit the points you marked.

Most professional writers don’t stop after every sentence or paragraph, they wait until they are finished before they go back and edit it. Unless they are highly productive and nail it on the first try, but hey we are human we make mistakes, we are not perfect and even our computers screw up from time to time. The point is if you stop after every sentence to change, refine, and edit your post it will take hours to get it published.

Just write the whole thing in one setting. Granted there are times when your on the go and an idea hits for a great post, well you can write out a quick title and key points then and fill it in when you get time, but for the most part when you start an article finish it staying within your outline.

Once this first draft is done, then go back and change the errors and add to it if needed and remover stuff that just does not make sense. Add your images and other media at this time if you have any.

Don’t Worry About Being Perfect

Your not writing literature your writing a blog post so it’s alright if it’s not perfect. However you should correct any typos, grammar, and spelling mistakes just so you don’t look like too much of a dummy. The awesome thing about blogging is that you can always go back an change it and fix anything that you may have missed.

After all we are human and our eyes get tired so we sometimes miss things the first, second, or even third time around. I know I have and still do, I’ve looked over some of my old posts and while reading it come across something that made me say WTF, well if I said it then how many others said it… so I edit it real quick in hopes no one else will see it, it doesn’t happen often but it happens.

Like the old saying goes practice makes perfect, or close to it I say. You need to train yourself to just write, you may want to go back and waste time, don’t move on. Your writing will suffer, I fix most of my errors as I type now, but not always, like I said not every tip is for everyone you have to find what works for you, using these tips can save you a butt load of time.

I do only fix my errors after each paragraph or section, never after each word or sentence. Also work using a timer, this timer can be used to say OK your done for the day, or hey take a break and clear your head. It could also be used to let you know that you are getting close to you time limit.

Lastly take a break, if you run into a road block just save your work [better do that often], get up and take a walk, a nap, watch a movie, have sex, whatever gets you out of your funk, do anything but think about your post. After a bit of a break get back to work and you maybe surprised that you start to flow.

Also don’t expect that you can cover everything, that’s the great thing about the internet. You can link to other sites that explain things a little better, no sense in reinventing the wheel, I don’t think it’ll give you a smoother ride using any other shape.

Keep Your Notes and Other Research Organized:

Being organized can really help speed thing up, it also takes time to put all those notes, ideas, links, and other research into one place that just works, for a time I used Google Keep and still may dip into it a bit but now I use Evernote, sure it cost a little if you want more but the basic features are enough for most people.

Any tool can work as long as you use it, heck even online like Google Drive and Docs are a good way to go. It gives you a place to store your documents, notes, photos, video, sex tapes… uh cough… never mind that last part, you can store anything you like and access it from any device you like as long as you have internet access and remember your password.

I personally like to give myself two hours for research and post writing, then allow about half an hour for editing. Also here is a tip that may not speed up your writing but make it look a bit better… add some white-space.

Other Sites With Great Information:

Well there you have it that is all I have for this article until I decide to make it better, or cut out the fluff. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it and found it a little informative, please leave any suggestion you may have or would like to see in this article in the comments. I will read them, and add them to the list and keep the best ones for myself… cough you can’t see that last part, you are getting sleepy.

Not A Very Good Month Just Like The Rest Of My Year

Oh well that’s life, had to go to the ER Sunday apparently I may have a gallstone and a kidney infection oh the sheer joy lol, it made me feel like I was having a heart-attack. Anyway like most of this year this month is turning out to be very unprofitable and unlike most affiliates I don’t mind showing you what failure looks like.

Amazon Earnings
Amazon Earnings
ClickBank Earnings
ClickBank Earnings
Sponsored Tweets
Sponsored Tweets

As you can see I’ve been plugging away on this site, Facebook, and Twitter but have not made the first sale. It’s disappointing but not to the point that I just want to curl up and quit. I will just keep trying until something works. I have not made any money in affiliate marketing in years and that was when I didn’t need money and was just goofing off, now that I need it I can’t make it lol go figure.

So what are my next steps? Well I plan on building more followers on Twitter, figure out how to get more friends on Facebook and Google+, get more traffic to this site and my Facebook Fan Page. I’m not trying to just push a bunch of junk on people I pick some useful products, products that I have or would use and promote them.

It seems that people are very untrusting of affiliate links, well don’t be buying an item through an affiliate link changes nothing for you. The only difference is the seller of the product has to pay me or whom ever is promoting the product a commission and that comes from their end. You don’t get a discount just because you go directly to the website and not through the link, that just means that the seller gets 100% of the money and I the affiliate get 0%, as sad as that is that is how some people think.

They think that if they click on an affiliate link they’ll have to pay more, but they don’t and in some cases they may pay more. Especially if the affiliate is promoting a program that is offering a discount. Most likely the discount only applies to the affiliates link, because it was done through an affiliate network and just going to the sales page without using the link just make it cost more with no discount.

I’m not out to get rich, as much as I wouldn’t mind being wealthy and all it’s not what I’m after, I just want to earn a modest income maybe $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 a month. Which when you figure I will have to pay taxes on it, and bills, food, insurance, and so on it’s really not that much. If I were to make $20,000,00 a month I would bring home only about $13,000.00 less if I were to make only $10,000.00. However I don’t have to worry about that because as you can see from the screen shots I make $0.00 a month.

If I was trying to suck you into a sales funnel to capture your email address so I could mail you special offers that were crap, I bet people would be all over it. People tend to be suckers for fancy sales pages/landing pages where they offer a free course that is crap for seven days where all you have to do is give them your email address and name.

This puts you on their mailing list and an auto-responder sends out pre-made emails to you on a preset interval like once a day for x number of days, or once a week for x numbers of weeks, and so on. This methods works not only does it give them the name and email of a potential client that they can then promote their affiliate offers to or custom products/services to it gives them a list that once it gets large enough can be worth a lot of money.

They can then keep using the list to mail you new programs they come out with that are usually crap or sell the list for a few hundred or thousand dollars a few thousand people and make a ton of money. Congrats you just made these people millions of dollars and can’t even spend a few dollars on small time affiliates like myself.

It’s cool, I really don’t mind if people don’t buy from me. I’ll just keep doing what I do and if I am a little to honest to want to stoop to low-ball tactics then I guess I may never profit. People seem to like those who lie, cheat, and steel more anyway. I’m sorry I can’t be that dishonest and lie to you just to make a sale, if that’s what you are looking for you are on the wrong site.

You see the products I pick are ones that I have tried, or products that I would use myself. I don’t just pick random stuff to promote, that’s why there’s not hundreds of thousands of products listed on this site. I do plan on promoting thousands of products but that may take quite some time because I hand pick the ones I list.

Most of these course work, hell almost every program offered works to some degree, however your results may never be as much or even close to those that were in test groups. It’s not because you’re doing it wrong, it’s just that it’s been done too much and no longer as profitable. It also depends on how much effort you put into it.

I can tell you this, that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Like the ones that tell you that with just a few clicks of their special software you will make $10,000.00 a day. What a load of crap the only ones making 10k a day are the ones who made the software, you the user would be lucky to make $10 a day. I prefer the ones that teach you something, what to promote, where to promote it, how to do something, etc.

If you need a place to start check out Amazons Associates program, ClickBankSponsored Tweets, and the thousands of other affiliate networks around on the internet. Two of those links are affiliate links, I didn’t feel like digging through Amazon until I found the affiliate link to the associates program.

Not Going to Happen | No Temp eMails

I seems like a daily battle getting rid of all the fake spammer email sign ups each day from domains like Mailcatch, 163, and HideBox plus some others that I have not checked out yet. What it boils down to is if you’re a spammer and are using these services then won’t granted access to the site, others once verified will be granted contributor status.

Well that’s all for this post, short, sweet, and nothing to sell.

Facebook Twitter YouTube The Ultimate Social Media Trilogy

What do you get when you combine Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube? One hell of a social media marketing tool that you can use to promote your website, affiliate offers, your own products, etc. If you want people to know about what you can offer them, or have for them to buy you need to put it out there where the most people hang out and millions of people each day use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Let say you want to promote “brand-x traffic booster” lets say it’s a ClickBank item, well first off if you’ve tried it all the better now you can give an honest review. You can make a short video about the product, you can even use free software to do this. Screencast-O-Matic, Free Screencast, and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), all can do a good job of this for you. Or you can fork out some cash and grab one of the paid one, you can find them on Google like Camtasia by TechSmith you can get a trial for free or buy it for $199. In a few days I hope to be approved for the affiliate network they use and a few others so I can bring you the best software and reviews I can and hopefully get paid a little something, got to eat right.

Anyway make your review video and even write up a good little review article for your blog if you have one. Next one your get your video edited upload that bad boy to YouTube. You’ll then want to write a good description about what the video is about, a good title, and be sure you have your affiliate link and the link to your own site in the description, this may get you some more traffic and may ever result in a sale or two, more if you are lucky.

Next you’ll want to share that video on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+. You’ll want the posts public so more people will see it. Ask your friends to help you out by liking your video on Facebook and Retweeting it, or +1ing it. The more social signals you get on your video the more traffic you should be getting on YouTube, and your own site.

Now make another video for another product, and then another and another. Try to make about seven reviews a week for the next couple weeks, with any luck in a few weeks you may start seeing some sales. If people like you and your work they may be willing to spend their money to help you out, and if your a jobless bum like me you’ll need all the help you can get, unless I get accepted to a truck-driving school.

Anyway if you want to lean more about meshing these social giants together to produce great results then check out the book below, it’s on Amazon. I know that I won’t make but a few cents if you buy it but hey you need cents to make dollars. Best of luck to you in whatever path you take.


Game of Thrones Seasons 1-6

game-of-thrones-195523Don’t remember where I got the image, but I had it on my computer.

Game of Thrones the killer HBO series watch it again or watch it for the first time with the complete seasons 1-6 on Blu-ray! Don’t miss any of the action, magic, plot-twists, and sword play.

Yep, a whole post in a vane attempt to sell a couple of items that I won’t make much off of anyway but that doesn’t matter you’ll either buy them because you want them or you won’t I really do need to finish up my own products so I can make and keep more of the profits.

Anyway enjoy the disks if you buy them, it’ll take me a month to see any of the money lol. Reminds me of a J.G. Wentworth commercial “it’s my money and I want it now”. I don’t promote very many videos but maybe I should one or two videos per post with a short review.

Don’t know what Game of Thrones is, well that’s enough hop your tail on over to Wikipedia: Game of Thrones Page it’ll fill you in much better than I ever could. Want to know even more, check out the official page at HBO and if that’s not enough there are some videos on YouTube.


Stop Excess Armpit Odor

You shower before bed and use your favorite deodorant just to wake up the next morning for whatever reason with strong under-arm odor. WTF!!! Why does this happen? Well there are a number of reasons but it could be caused by a change in your lifestyle or something you ingested during the day or night. Have you been under a lot of stress, working out often, eating a lot of fish, red meat, etc.?

Well you need to figure it out but there are some things to do that can help reduce the odor because the odor is caused by a build up of bacteria and deodorant alone only masks the sent for so long, depending on the level of bacteria it may make thing worse, anyway try these things they can help you out stinky… lol just kidding, I’ve been there but they will help

Step 1: Drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

Step 2: A balanced diet, that includes green leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains is another great way to reduce body odor.

Step 3: Anti-bacterial soap, use it when you shower or take a bath, you can still use your favorite smell good soap afterwards.

Step 4: Clean clothes, yeah change your clothes often and wash your dirty clothes often. You don’t want to wear the same clothes three or four day in a row the bacteria will just grow even if you shower it’ll still get back on your skin. At the very least change your shirt and undies, a stinky nether region is just as bad if not worse.

Step 5: Shave them pits, yeah I know where your coming from guys it itches! Well trim the hair with scissors, it’ll give the bacteria less places to hide, plus when your holding your woman she’s not using it as dental floss.

Step 6: Apply hand sanitizer under your arms if things are bad, yeah it’ll burn if the bacteria is bad but it’ll fade fast taking the odor with it.

Step 7: Use natural thing like lemons and/or limes by slicing them in half and rubbing them on your pits, I wouldn’t suggest rubbing it on other places that smell… unless it’s your feet but that’s another issue.

Step 8: Apply antiperspirants and deodorants to your clean pits. Deodorants will help mask your body odor associated with sweating while the antiperspirants will target the sweat glands and reduce  sweating which will reduce bacteria that makes you stink leaving you smelling fresher.

Step 9: Sage, Peppermint Oil, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil, and Lavender oil all can be used to stop that funky smell, also Parsley, Rosemary, Lettuce, and even Walnut Leaves.

There are lot of stuff you can use, many are just chopped up and rubbed on the skin, others are added to water, and a few are ingested. I’m not going into great detail here, I’ve added links to the bottom of this article to two sites that do that quite well.

Well that is about as far as I’m going to take this, there are some medical issues that can cause under-arm odor and there are antiperspirants that you can use to help fight it also both over the counter and prescription.

Anyway read How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating and 24 Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Underarm Odor, damn that was a long title to type lol. These two articles contain some of the same information, but there are some differences and they both contain more advanced ways to cut down on the odor from your arm-pits and they are for men and women.


How Do I Intend To Make Money From This Blog

This may not be the best way but it’s what I know has worked for me in the past. I just plan on doing it better this time around. I will be using mainly affiliate marketing via Amazon, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior+, and a few others. Mostly stuff that won’t cost you much if you have the heart to buy anything.

Also Google AdSense will be a small part of my income. I also plan on selling a couple of eBooks that I am working on soon and if that goes well maybe I’ll add a couple more and even sell some custom t-shirts. I don’t really have it in my budget right now to promote this site so the money will be real slow if any for a few months while natural traffic starts filtering in.

You can help speed this up by liking and sharing some of my posts on social networks and even leaving comments can help. Donations help a great deal too, and lord knows I could use them right about now, my job hunt isn’t going very well and I have no unemployment left but that’s my problem with any luck and a lot of faith maybe God will point me in the right direction.

Don’t say I never pointed you to anything useful… If you like jokes, Chuck Norris, and have a WordPress site then this plugin is for you.

Searched the Internet for Secrets to Making Money With WordPress

In my search to find ways to the secrets of making money with WordPress I cam across a vast number of sites, more than I would ever care to read, there were 14,100,000 different listings so me being the good little researcher I am (cough) started at the top and the article was very well put together. I will list the sites I visited on down the page a little, however the first article was by Victor Pride titled The No Bullshit Guide to Making Money Online, written in 2011 and still at #1 on Google, that has to say something, while it didn’t cover WordPress it did cover making money online in general.

The article is great and quite long, the site Bold & Determined where the article is hosted may be a little rough and brash for some. It does have some good articles and some that are not so good well in my personal opinion that is, the author has some loyal readers that will fire back at those that express different ideas but it’s all cool that’s the great thing about the internet, you can take bits of information that works for you and use it, and you can leave the rest behind. Also if you don’t like or agree with something no bigger no one is making you read every last word. This site is mostly geared towards men, the empowerment of men, men’s health and success. There was an article about finding the right wife that I didn’t agree with but it did have some good points here and there, so most women won’t care for it very much.

Moving on I then traveled down the page and picked BforBlogging’s article on Top 10 Secrets to Writing Money Making Blog Posts which contains some good useful information for what I am trying to achieve here at the blog. It talks about post structure, SEO Friendly content, meaningful content even if its short, internal linking, and more.

My next stop was an article titled How do I Start a Blog and Make Money over at Tips and Tricks HQ. The article lays out step by step what you need to do to create a blog and then making money from it, there are no short cuts and it takes work and time but if you follow the steps. I personally think the site contains some great information and is well put together and even has an affiliate program that I’ll have to check into later, but the design needs some changes the white of the navigation just does not work very well.

The next place I landed looked like utter crap, the information was good, but not for me at this point in my life not until I start pulling in some traffic on this blog about 1000 visitors a month would be great. Anyway the article is titled $10,000 Per Day – The Secret To Making Big Money Online by John Chow, it’s rather short but talks mainly about selling higher ticket items and making more than you would selling $10 items or using Google AdSense, I can see the logic, but getting that one high ticket sale would be nightmare for me, I have a hard enough time giving away free information. For someone who makes so much money he sure skipped when it came to site design, but the money is in the funnels. Signup for the free eBook and it’ll take you to a click funnels page where they’ll collect your email address so they can send you other offers after all there is money in the list and funnels allow you to try to sell other products or different packages of the same product, anyway next.

I fell way on down the page and landed on my face at on an article title Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online (Easily) which seems to be a good article, has good site design, and so on. While the article was good and the information solid the author got very lazy with the links they only linked to a couple of sites and didn’t bother linking to the rest but that’s just my opinion but it’s not a big deal just copy and paste the sites that interest you into Google or whatever search engine you use and it’ll do the rest.

I then went over and paid a visit to Make Money With Your WordPress Blog, it’s a website/blog that while it does contain some good information is in reality a sales page for an book on Amazon by the same name, so I’m sure that while the site has some good information it just does not give you the answers that are in the eBook. Most of the content has to do with affiliate marketing, which is the method I use, you’ll find very few products that I made my self here, if any because they are works in progress.

So after that pit stop I stumbled into a site called How to Make Honest Money Online and landed on a review of something called $7 Dollar Secrets. Yeah that page was all about an older program that may not work for everyone, go figure just like all the rest, but it was fairly well written and only contained a few mistakes. However the site itself contain some good information and has a few reviews for some affiliate products that can give you a heads-up before you spend your hard-earned money on them.

I then skipped over about four pages and found myself staring at Hellbound Blogger’s article about 10+ Interesting Ways How Porn Websites Make Money and couldn’t help but laugh, just glad I wasn’t drinking a glass of milk. I admit I’ve looked at porn sites in the past and never gave a second thought to all the different ways they make money, I even had a porn site at one time, only had a few sales, but that was my fault for not promoting it enough, heck I didn’t promote it at all. Anyway there are some really good pointers in this article if you want to start your own porn site or not.

Next I got tired of all the reading and a few sites were flagged in Microsoft Edge, so I took a brief break to rest my eyes and go get a drink, a came back and went over to an article called How To Make 6 Figures in a Year With No SEO hosted at which clam to be Professional Website Brokers.

Sense I like to travel and dream of broadening my travel experience I clicked on How To Start A Travel Blog: A Step By Step Guide over at Expert Vagabond. This site didn’t really go into great detail about making money online but in starting a travel site, you could make a good bit of money with the right promotions and right packages. You could offer to arrange travel for people for a slightly higher fee than it would cost them to do it themselves or have a shop on your site the sells travel related products. The earning potential could be great over time, can’t compete with the larger travel sites, you don’t have to think locally or regionally, maybe just your own state but those are my ideas you can’t use them lol.

Well that’s about it, the deeper I went the less and less stuff I found that was even remotely related to my keywords, oh well I’ll do another search later and see where that leads me. Hopefully not down a dark alley way with creepy perverts and crooked folks. Anyway enjoy and let me know what your personal favorite site about making money online using WordPress and I will review it and may even add it to the list.

Samsung Halts Products of Note 7

image sources: Samsung and Forbes
image sources: Samsung and Forbes

What a shame that Samsung has had such a major issue with the Galaxy Note 7. I really liked my Note 4 and was looking forward to getting a new phone and was wanting to stick with the Notes after having a Note 3 and 4 I really liked the way it felt, the weight, and screen size. This past Thursday I made a trip to the AT&T Store in Mobile because I was having some issues with my current phone not charging very well and getting a little hot.

image sources: Samsung and Forbes

Well it still cost me $154 but I was able to get a new phone, I went with the Galaxy S7 Edge which is not a bad phone, but they didn’t have a case for it so I better be careful. Anyway I was wanting to get the new iPhone 7s I think is the one I was looking to get the bigger or the two but they were out and on back-order. How-ever the more I thought about it the iPhones still feel the same and apps look the same as they did on the 3Gs I used to have, just with a bigger screen.

After all the battery issues and screen exploding that the Note 7s had I which really was not all that many but I think Samsung made a wise choice to recall all of the devices. I may cost them a ton of money but I’m sure they can recover they have other phones, and electronics. I think that I’ll stick with them after all I’ve been using Samsung phones for five years now with no issues other than me dropping them.

This is just my take on the issue, but there is a really good article complete with some pictures of a few of the burnt phones over at BuzzFeed. Hop over there and give it a read, as if you need me to give you a shove, you probably stumbled across this article while looking for that one. Also not that it matters anymore but if you want to know the major differences between the Note 7 and S7 then this article at Forbes does an awesome job at providing that information.

I do have to admit that my favorite Samsung phone was the Galaxy Mega, this was a huge bad boy and movies looked great on as well as games, the speakers were not bad either, camera could have used a little work, but I really liked the phone but had to keep it in my back pocket, I went thru three of them due to the screen getting shattered on two of them and the third one I let someone plug it in and they destroyed my charging port.

Hum oh well I used to have a picture of my Mega, didn’t really want to use one someone else made, but I guess I will. Haha I found it on one of my other blogs, yep I have a few other blogs. What are you surprised that someone with as crappy writing skills as I have would have other blogs? Well it don’t matter here is the picture…

Samsung Galaxy Mega


So you have yourself an S7 Edge do you, well why not get yourself a nice stylish case for it. You don’t want the fancy phone to become a fancy paperweight because you forgot to get insurance do you?


While your at it why not get the Rapid Wireless Charger also? Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself! Just think you can let it sit there at a nice angle and use your phone as a clock at night, or watch a video without having to hold it in your hands the whole time, kind of frees up your hands for other things.

PCH Is It Real?

Almost everyone and their mother has heard of Publishers Clearinghouse over the years even when I was a kid I remember going to the mailbox and seeing the envelopes claiming that you could win a million dollars. I watched month after month as my mother would fill these things out and mail them back in. Did she ever win anything? Nope not one single thing, no gift cards, no money, no prizes.

Well after spends a few months trying the new way you enter and play PCH via their website or app, I’ve come to believe that it’s just as fake now as it has always been. I’m sure that they may give out a prize from time to time just so it’s harder for people to spot what’s really going on.

For starters after joining PCH did anyone notice getting more spam emails then they can shake a stick at, that may be because your contact information was sold off to their partners in crime. How-about more push notices on your mobile device? Yeah that too, not sure if it has anything to do with them but a month after I signed up I started getting random text ads on my phone.

They have a ton on games and ads on their site, why well it sure is not there to just give away prizes it’s all there to make them money, they get paid for every video your forced to watch, every game you play, every contest you enter, every ad you view/click on. They get paid for just about everything you do on their site, and the more time you spend there the more they stand to make.

I get all these notices about entering these $5000 a week for life contests and I enter them on faith that by some small chance that I can win but beating out the other billion entries they get for the contest lol. Oh well while it would be a great thing to not have to worry where your next check would be coming form or how much you would be making, I really don’t think I would ever win $5000 a week for life. $20,000.00 a month would be a total life change, but I’m not one that would just want to sit back in collect a check, I would donate some to area churches, people in need, may ever start my own business, if I didn’t just find a job somewhere where I could make another $8-10k per month.

Yeah $28-30k a month is not all that uncommon for a select few, and some even make over $500,000.00 a month but that’s not all profit. Take me for instance, guess how much I make per month now. Nothing $0-$1000 if I am lucky and I’m not lucky at all this year, so my chances for being one of the few that gets $5000 a week for life would be about 0.0000000000001% yeah it’s that bad.

Lets put it this way if I haven’t won something by January 2017 I will quit playing, I’m in need of a major change in my life and need a lot of money to bail me out of this whole that has become my life this year, it would be great if I could earn $2000 a week somehow. I know some bloggers make some serious cash, but sadly I have not made a dime blogging, that’s not to say that I never make any money online. I’ve made a little bit via different affiliate products but nothing that I could live on over the years.

Oh well this is not about me it’s about PCH which while some of the games are kind of fun and not a bad way to kill a little time, it’s designed to try to keep you coming back everyday. All the points you get can be used to buy more chances at prizes including gift cards which some people tend to think is as good as money. I’m sorry but I really don’t want gift cards unless I can get cash off of them, but I guess they could be useful if they are large enough. Like buy a Kindle from Amazon using gift cards and then sell it on eBay or Letgo for just a few dollars less.

I just hope that if you sign-up at that you have better luck that I do, it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of connection I’m on the slot games always glitch and crash, I’m supposed to play seven games to unlock some stupid bonus but they always glitch and I don’t get my seven games. Oh well I’m sure some of you will have better luck, just remember me if you do lol yeah like that’ll ever happen.

Temporary e-Mail Accounts

If you are using a temporary email service like mailcatch, 163, and others please don’t waste my time or your own! Your account will not be activated, I won’t approve everyone for a free blog but if it’s a legit email then we can work with that.

I dislike spam on my site as much as I hate it in my inbox, this crap has got to stop I had a few dozen requests to join the site but not the first one was using a real email address and I tend to wait 12-24 hours just for that reason.

Anyway let me know in the comments what you think about all these temporary email services that are plaguing our blogs and how do you combat these spam bots?

Easy Way To Display Amazon Affiliate Products Horizontally

So you like to add Amazon products in your WordPress blog posts but they keep running down your page vertically. Well you can fix this rather easily by inclosing the Amazon code in a table, yep a simple HTML table will do the trick, the only problem is the whitespace below it but that is in the Amazon code you could remove that too but it takes some playing around with the div tags and if your listing a few products then you may want to just leave that be it’ll save you some time.

Anyway here is the simple HTML tables that I use, nothing fancy but they do the trick. You can get fancy and change the border size or add color to the cells, or even a title bar like (books) (movies), you get the idea. I used the HTML Encoder to encode and display the code because WordPress won’t let you display raw code it want to interpret it, which is fine but the need to make a method to display raw code without jumping through hoops.

<table border=”0″>

It’ rather simple, all you do is paste it in Notepad or whatever your favorite pure text editor is, hop over to Amazon grab the code for the item you want to display and then paste it in between the td tags. You can also add another row by adding another set of tr tags with the td tags below the closing tr tag. Confused I don’t blame you.

You’ll need an associates account to get the code and profit from it. Easy enough to get, plenty of information on how to set that up online. That about covers it but if you still need a little help you can follow along with the short video. Uh video will come later, I will have to remake it, had too many interruptions AC kicking off and on, phone ringing, people coming in and talking without knocking etc. Or I just may do a slide show using screen shots that would cut out the background noise. Oh well screen shots will have to do.

Oh good grief come on why can’t I upload the rest of my images without a freaking error lol. Just my luck not even a cloud in the sky to blame the crappy Internet on just Dish Network or WildBlue whoever powers this crappy Internet need a kick in the rear. Guess I will just have to go to McDonalds to steel their Wi-Fi lol.


Everyday Items Used for Self-defense

Crime nowadays is crazier than every and not all of us carry guns, knives, stun devices, etc. We also don’t keep our homes as secure as we should allowing easy access and making ourselves targets for the wicked. However you can make yourself less of a victim by keeping claim and using everyday items to your advantage.

Your keys tucked between your fingers can do a lot of damage to your attackers face, it can disable them long enough for you to getaway if you are lucky, keep cool, and don’t panic. Screw drivers, hard-back books, small tables, boiling water, the coffee pot, pan lids, bottles, fire pokers, umbrellas, knives, glass dishes, tire irons, jacks, hell even children’s toys like doll legs can be used as defensive items.

You job is to figure out where everything in you home, car, or person is that you can use to defend yourself and try to put yourself in a position to reach those items, every room in your home should have something that you can use, a metal coat hanger, flammable air fresheners and a lighter, powder to toss into the eyes, even soap on a tile floor can be used to your advantage by making it harder for your attacker to stand.

However long blunt objects, and sharp objects are best if you can get your attacker disoriented enough to use them effectively. Brooms and mops, pots and pan, that brass white figure that your mother gave you, all of these can be used. Once you get a few hard strikes in go for vital areas like the back of the head, knees, groin, lower back (kidney area), anything does when it’s your life and the lives of your loved ones on the line.

So what if they have a gun? Well if they don’t just burst in and start shooting then they want something, money, sex, whatever. This can give you a chance, even a cell phone in your pocket, sock, etc. can be a self-defense tool, or you can just dial 911 hit send and drop it under the bed, table, anyplace that works.

There are tons of books, videos, and sites about self-defense and many good self-defense items and weapons you can buy, quite a few even look harmless… that’s not chap stick your holding, it’s a single shot .22. well maybe not that small but there are very items with hidden blades, shocking features, pepper spray (not my favorite but can help), and yes if you search hard enough you maybe able to find a gunsmith that can turn your umbrella into a loaded .45 lol.

Inspiration for this post came form Improvised Self-Defense Weapons: How to Turn Everyday Objects to Your Advantage on written by Melissa Soalt. Although self-defense is something everyone should learn Melissa focuses more on women which is fine because women are the targets for most rapists, however men can learn a great deal from her articles also, they are full of good information and I couldn’t put everything into such a nice format.

Anyway check out the items below when you want to get serious about self-defense! They are affiliate links from Amazon and ClickBank mostly there are a couple that are not affiliate related but I got to make a living somehow until I find or create a new job for myself.

And now for the ClickBank products, I would make a larger commission if I would just sell these but money is not everything, I want to give you some choices and there is plenty more to choose from on Amazon and ClickBank so if you don’t like my recommendations then by all means keep looking until you find something you like especially on Amazon, even if its Harry Potter lol.

  • Stinger Self-defense Tactical Pen – The #1 Tactical Self-defense Pen Around. Also Check out The Strike light, a Blinding torch can drop an attacker like a sac of potatoes!
  • Patriot’s Self Defense – How to Avoid Being Robbed, Carjacked, Kidnapped, Sexually  Assaulted or Worse! The site starts out with a video presentation but there is a text one only just click the link at the bottom of their page.
  • Concealed Carry Loophole – Learn How To Legally Concealed Carry In 28 States From An Ex-CIA Agent.
  • The Systematic Survival Plan – Learn the methods that will make you independent and give you the tools to safeguard your family.

There you have it a couple courses some contain video, and a couple of tools yep a pen and flashlight that you can use to whoop the crap out of someone while blinding them, then to add insult to injury you can draw penises on their face when you are done. Well that would be something, I mean if you end up in jail for beating your mailman senseless because he scared you then you may as well go for a laugh too right. Just kidding, these two items a build really well, and who couldn’t use another flashlight, and this one is awesome, the pen is not just for writing in this case and it just may be mightier than the sword.

Alright that’s all I have for now, thanks for reading please let me know what you would like to see more of either in the comments or using the form on the contact page. It may take me a few hours or even a day to get back to you because when I’m not blogging, or playing Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft then I am job hunting. Even if this blog suddenly started making me thousands of dollars a month I think I would still want a job, if for nothing else than medical and dental insurance plus retirement.

Make Extra Money From Home 

There comes a time in just about everyone’s life when you just have to make some extra money for whatever reason. It’s not all that hard to do and the pay range is rather small for most tasks but adds up over time. Some can be done online and others can be done off-line.

Of course there are many different types of work you can do like auctions, blogging, etsy, Letgo, selling old books, selling scrap, getting rid of old gold, and so forth but the problem is they take a while to get paid, with some luck on eBay some auctions can sell rather quickly, but not often enough.

There are also a few sites where you can sell your used books, other than Amazon and eBay. I won’t even bother listing them all it’s more then you may think and a quick Google search will show you all you need to get started. Well you know what, I will list a few but you’ll have to check there terms yourself some are kind of picky.

  • You can use scouting services like | BookScouter helps you sell textbooks and used books for the most money by comparing offers from over 35 book buyback vendors with a single search.
  • Abebooks | For a small monthly subscription fee of $25, you can expose your inventory to millions of unique visitors a week with millions of searches for books a day.
  • Amazon | I sure you know what Amazon is and I don’t need to tell you.
  • eBay | Not quite as good as Amazon but if you have a rare book or two then you’ll probably make more money faster on eBay than you would on Amazon which sometimes can take months to sell.

Online surveys, most survey sites have a minimum of $10-$15 that must be earned before you can cash it out, the problem is that most only pay a few cents for your first few surveys, which makes it really difficult to reach that payout amount and the surveys come less and less when you get close to your goal. I’ve even done some that once I reach $13-$14 everything came to a halt.

  • Paid Surveys At Home | Take online & phone surveys, participate in focus groups, try new products & keep them FREE! Preview new movie trailers, no skills required & no financial risks.

Anyway that being said there are still many good survey sites. You can also get paid for doing micro jobs which can be anything from making comments on websites, making phone calls, mailing envelopes, etc. You can also go dumpster diving behind local stores, many stores have products that are still in great shape that they sometimes have to get rid of for some reason or another.

Also don’t overlook the little thing like pet, baby, or house sitting, scrap. yard-sales, painting houses, and more. It is really not overly hard to make a couple extra hundred a week if you hustle.

Can You Hide You Location

This is a question that many people want to know far various reasons like a teenager wanting to go to a party but not be tracked to a cheating husband or wife not wanting their spouse to find out where they are. Whatever the reason there is no one easy method that can trick all location services. Sure so many apps claim to do this but they don’t really work, they may if the location service used only for GPS location data but services like AT&T Family Maps use more than that they ping your device and nail down your location to within a few hundred feet other curriers use similar services I don’t like it but the only way around it is to put your device into Airplane mode, of course you can’t make calls, texts, etc. Tip is you say you are going someplace then go there, it’ll save you a lot or head and heart ache.

Trying to hide your location is just a waste of time it can fool some apps but not all of them, and sooner or later you’ll get caught and when that time comes just own up to it, lying does not do anyone any good and sooner or later you’ll forget what you said. Most of us guys will forget after a little time passes, but most women I’ve spoken too tend to never forget and rarely forgive.

Anyway I’m not promoting any GPS spoofing apps or anything like that, it’s up to you and if you want to try them a quick search of the App Store or Play Store pulls up a good bit of them, but don’t get your hopes up. If someone does not want to be found there are quite a few other methods they can use. Call forwarding is a great option if you have a second cell phone. Just leave you main phone at a friend’s house or hotel where ever your supposed to be and have your calls forwarded to the other phone, pre-paid phones are great for this, but you didn’t hear that from me.

 That’s what I should be selling all you perverts pre-paid cell phones and time cards lol. I’m be rich in a week, but then again I don’t have the resources to start that up now, a few months ago I had plenty of money but now I’m almost broke, that’s what I get for trying to start my life over. Oh well nothing like good ole Amazon affiliate links.

There you go some pre-paid phones to get you started sneaking around lol, now you can feel like a real spy all Cloak and Dagger like. But for the real hard-core folks that want to go off the beaten trail try…

Weight Loss The Easy Way

Weight loss is not for everyone but lets face it quite a few of us could stand to drop a pound or ten and become a little more healthy. Well it does not have to be all that had and sometimes all it takes is changing one little thing in your life and a will to change. That’s about all it takes, just change something in your life like those cookies you have while taking a break, or the bag of chips, one less soda per day, or how about a little less sugar in your coffee or tea.

Yes these little changes can help you loose a few pounds, well over time that is. Want to dope more weight faster? Try being a little more active! Yeah, getting up away from the television, or computer can change your life, go do a little exercise you’ll be surprised at how you feel after a couple of weeks sometimes a few days. However you may gain weight while working out, but you should get more muscle and less fat, you’ll weigh more because muscle weighs more than fat.

Don’t have any weights? That’s fine, you don’t need any, a couple empty milk jugs filled with water, sand, or a little of both with the caps glued and taped on so they don’t leak. Use these as dumb-bells, or place a couple on the ends of a board or strong stick like a shovel handle and you can use it as a bar-bell. Also walking and stepping up and down can help with cardio, you can make a simple steeper using some old thick books or even a few concrete blocks.

Change how you eat, yes eating is a sport for some and they enjoy it more than sex but changing how and what you eat can make the pounds fall off. Also taking a multi-vitamin can help make sure your body is getting all it needs and help keep your energy up.

Pills, shakes, and powders may work but you can achieve the same effects with diet and exercise. However not everyone is the same and not everyone has the time or energy to workout and diet, so a shake, pill, or powder maybe the way to go but I would consult a doctor before jumping on that wagon.

I hope this bit of information is helpful to you, it’s nothing that gives you step by step do this do that and you will lose weight but it’ll give you a direction to go in. Also below are a few affiliate links that offer plans and products that can help anyone lose weight and/or gain muscle. They are all from ClickBank but that doesn’t mean they are not good and now that you know they are affiliate links and where to find them then you can either buy them from my links of just search them out yourself either way it’ll cost you the same.

2016-10-08-14_08_46-2-the-3-week-diet-official-website-_-lose-weight-in-3-weeks-_-program-and-plThree Week Diet: Weight loss course that claims to help you drop 12-23 pounds in 21 days or your money back. Not a bad price only $47. It is worth checking out and you can always request your money back. So if you’re looking to drop a few pounds and look better for next Summer then grab this before they change the price which seems to be the way to go. Also try to exit the page and you may get a better offer.


vfx-bodyVenus Factor Extreme – This one is for ladies only, but I guess men could use it too. Just don’t tell your macho friends lol. Anyway they claim to help you drop at least 10 pounds of fat. This is a diet program that relies on the power of veggies to help burn excess body fat. It’ll cost you, a whole $46.95 which is not much, heck some people have that much in change in ashtrays in their cars, etc. You may even be able to get it for less, check the other pages on the site the link are below the video.

product-bookFat Diminisher – They don’t list much information on their site but they offer another fat burning system to help you drop a few pounds and get more muscle. It’ll cost you $37 but is lower than the other two. However if you try it please don’t be fooled by all the fake testimonials out there I’m not saying their testimonials are fake but the pictures are not clear enough to make the call. Don’t tell anyone but you can get it for even less if you want to be cheap that is $19 which is a huge drop but it’ll be cutting into my profits but it’s cool I know how tight money can be.
It’s not just these guys but many affiliate marketers use the same types of before and after photos where the people look very different not just weight wise but faces too such. I looked at pictures of myself from a few years ago and how I look now and I look the same except I am a bit smaller, my size 40 pants will fall off of me unless I wear a belt tightly, even my 38s fall off of me, but I am not buying any more clothes until I get back into 34s which is what I was in at 18 and I’m not 40.

How To Get Easy Content For Your Blogs

So you have this new blog and your sitting there scratching your head trying to think of what to blog about, you get an idea for a topic but it’ll take you hours to research it all. What to do? Well there is a method called content curation, simply put it is the collection of information on any given subject organized into a way that makes sense along with some of your own thoughts on the subject.

This is alright and chances are it’ll be original content for your blog you just need to make sure you give credit where credit is due. So how long is all of this going to take? Hours my friend hours spent search Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Wikis, YouTube, and a dozen other sources. Is there a faster way to get this done so I can get content on my site faster? Yes there are quite a few programs out there that can search many sources for information on any subject, some are free and others are paid.

Sense I’m in this to attempt to turn a little profit, I’ll recommend a paid one, it’ll get the job done fairly quickly like a couple minutes. Of course you’ll still have to put the information into a post in a why that makes sense and add in some of your own content, you don’t have to add much, Sometimes all you need to add is a short introduction and maybe a description of different parts, or maybe a heading here and there to break things up a bit. Toss in some original hand drawings to really make it unique.

So what is this piece of software that I recommend? CurationSoft 3.0! Yeah I’ll give you the name and yes you can just search it and buy it yourself but that won’t change the price any. You could also click my link and buy it and its still not going to change the price. Just be careful of the up sales, they can get rather expensive. I’m not sure but they may offer some down-sales if you don’t accept the first offer, many affiliate do this so they still make some extra money off of the sale.

Personally it does not matter to me if you buy all their extras, its not like I’m going to get much if any of the up sales. Anyway below in a good bit of information about CurationSoft 3.0 along with the link to the website and yes it’s a ClickBank affiliate link. Matter of fact below here is the whole post I did about it awhile back, not much has changed just the focus of this site.

Do you need great content for you blogs, social networks, and such? Well you could spend hours and hours writing each and every post or you could use a content curation software to poll relevent information from a number of different sources to creat masterful content that many may deem ready to post.
While you can post the content created via CurationSoft 3.0 I would suggest you spend another five or ten minutes reading over it and make some personal changes that would make it even more different than any other article posted. While CurationSoft 3.0 cites its sources and put the required copyright information in its genrated posts you can still add some of your own thoughts within the article.
What can CurationSoft 3.0 do for you?
Discover, Review and Curate Content from Google Blogs, News and Books, Google Plus, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Wikipedia, ANY RSS Feed You Want and Much More.
Content curation is the process of sharing information on topics that people do a lot of searching for. It is about giving people a concise information, that you’ve carefully researched and organized into a blog post with your own commentary added.
CurationSoft works on just about any platform including like Blogger, WordPress, Google+, Drupal, Joomla, Facebook, Tumblr, and others.

Rank Higher

Use CurationSoft to build back links and increases your search engine rankings. Because you are creating topic-based posts Google and other search engines are much more likely to consider your content more relevant and rank it higher.

No Copyright Issues

All the content CurationSoft returns is safe to use. Photos have the proper license, blog posts are sourced and linked to, YouTube videos are embedded which is compliant with their terms of service.

Still A Good Idea to Edit

Like other content curation software while rare sometimes things may not make 100% sinse so you may have to edit the results a little by adding or changing a word here and there or maybe adding some of your own thoughts.
You can even change the order of things so they look better on your blogs or where-ever your posting

Sources and More Sources

You can use CurationSoft to search blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Google News and Flickr for great content that your readers will love. CurationSoft covers all the buzz in your market. More sources like Wikipedia, Facebook and more are in development.


There are three prices to choose from…
Drag & Drop Content Engine
Recommended Keywords
1 Content Source
Perfect for Hobbyist Bloggers
Ad Supported Software
18 Built-In Content Sources
Ideal for Business Use
Limitless Content Discovery
Higher-Quality Results
Ad Free Software
Lifetime License and Updates
18 Built-In Content Sources
Ideal for Business Use
Limitless Content Discovery
Higher-Quality Results
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I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the site and tell you a little bit about it and what goes on here. For starters if your don’t see very much content don’t worry the site is brand new. I just refocused the site, turning it into a multi-person blog from a personal one. It gives me a direction to go in and is helping me avoid the dark path that I was traveling down for the past few months. Anyway the site is for anyone and everyone almost there are a few rules and by creating a blog you agree to those rules, don’t worry it’s nothing that your going to have to sign in blood and I don’t think most people are going to have a problem with, to find out more visit the About page,

This site allows the use of affiliate links and you I may place a link to an affiliate in into some of your posts from time to time when that site needs to earn more money. I will never place more than two links into any post unless they are my own. This way I get to the chance to make a little money from the content you create, think of it as a hosting fee after all I don’t know of any blogging platforms that does not use advertisements to make money, sure Blogger will allow you to use your own AdSense code, but they get a cut of the action just like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Once again welcome and be sure to join for your free blog, and join our mailing list that we may never even use but it would be nice just the same.