CB Passive Income Review

CB Passive Income is a system by Patric Chan that you can pay $47 a month for or $97 one time fee. What it does is creates a special page where you send traffic to. This page is designed to capture email address and really sells nothing you are basically giving away a free offer.

Once they are signed up under you, they are emailed offers automatically in Patric’s name but you’ll collect the commission. Sounds simple right, and as with anything there is some risk but very little and you’ll have 90 days to get your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

You get 3 free bonuses and free marketing training and on going support. I would pay the $97 one time free… but that not your only cost let me tell you, first off it’s a great passive system but you’ll need to drive traffic to the website it provides you with.

This can be done for free but it’ll take more time or you can pay for traffic by placing ads on Facebook, Google Adwords if you’re lucky enough to get approved for Adwords, I am banned from Adwords because of violations of their terms of use, how that happens I have no idea, I signed up, never place an ad, and got banned. They won’t even give me a reason why, I went through their terms and conditions and didn’t find anything that I did wrong but don’t get me started on that I could write a whole post about that lol.

If you are like me and Adwords is not an option that’s fine Microsoft has an ad network as does Yahoo and a few others, Twitter is also a great place to promote the link you get so is YouTube you could make a short video about it and upload it, link to the site in the description. You can also link to it from your personal blog, or if you already have a mailing list you could use it.

Fivver is another option, you could get people to give your link a shout-out on their social networks, of course your success really depends on how much traffic you can get to the link they provide you with.

So will it make you money, well yes if you put in the effort, will it make you rich, not unless you have a lot of money to drive massive traffic to the link and then it’s just luck, so for people like me, getting rich is not going to happen, but making extra money no matter how much is always great.

Now that you know all of that quit reading this and go get the system so I can get paid a few dollars. Chick Here!



The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is a weight loss system for you ladies who want to drop a few unwanted pounds, tone up a bit, or just have more energy. Please note that this is an affiliate offer and I’ll make a small commission if you click on the links or images for the product and purchase it.

I prefer to be honest, and provide you with the best information I can find about the product. First off I’m not a woman so no I haven’t tried the system, also they don’t offer much in the line of information other than a video until you signup, but I have read some reviews from a couple different sites and they all seem to be good, and those that say otherwise seem to be by people who haven’t followed the steps correctly.

However there is nothing overly special about this system other than it targets females only, there is nothing in it that can’t be accomplished with a little research, a health diet, a light workout routine, a positive mindset, and a really good playlist or someone to help keep you motivated.

With that being said if you are the kind of woman who values her time and wants a fully proven system that will help guide you to a new fitter, fitter, and healthier you. It boasts 12 dress sizes in 5 months, and has proven scientific methods of burning fat through hormones.

You may or may not be able to order this product the last time I tested it the order page didn’t work in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on Windows nor did it work on my Android phone or tablet. I sent them an email today 02-23-2018 and if it’s not fixed in a couple days I will remove this post and report it to ClickBank.