Problem With Facebook Password Resetting

Trying to reset my Facebook password is driving me crazy, maybe it’s just me I don’t know but it’s proving to be quite the task. For starters I can access my Facebook account on my phone and tablet just fine but not on my laptop. I use every password I can think of and it tells me that my password was changed about four months ago.

Because I can’t remember the password I figure hey why not just reset it, simple enough right? Not in the slightest, let me explain the most difficult password reset I’ve ever had to go through in my life, and hope to never go through again.

First I selected log in using Google but that didn’t work it game me a code in a text message, I enter that code and nothing it just tells me that I’ve entered that code too many times already. Well it was the first time I used it. So I tried having one emailed to me while it was a different code then the text it did the same thing.

I got to the point where I was out of chances after trying it a few times and getting the same codes each time, This seems like a huge security issue, if anyone gets these codes they could reset your password and gain access to everything on your account, change your information, and even ruin your reputation, a little late for the reputation part for me I did that myself,

Well after two hours of waiting I copy and paste the same code that I got five times already from my email and it allowed me to reset my password. However if you ask me they need to set a time limit on how long you can use a code, something like ten minutes and each time you request a password reset it should send you a new code call me strange if you like, but it would be more secure,

Logitech K480 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard

I was in a Best Buy in Mobile Alabama and was just walking around looking at laptops and backpacks when I came across this little full keyboard that said it works with Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, and Chrome OS, I’m betting that it will work with Linux also as long as it has Bluetooth support.

Anyway what drew me was the price $30.99 and when I looked it up on my phone it listed for $49.99 on the Logitech website, well I get to the checkout and they rang it up at $49.99.

I said that the price was wrong and we walked to where I got it, sure enough they had it at $30.99 so that’s what I paid. Now after a few months of using it with my tablet and phones I really like it, the battery life is great as long as you remember to turn it off when you’re not using it.

Great news for anyone wanting one of these, they have them on Amazon refurbished for around $21.95. If they are like other refurbished products I’ve gotten off of Amazon you’ll get lots of use out of it. So go ahead and grab yourself one or two of these before they quit making them and come out with something that costs twice as much.

Way to go Amazon, still not working I see… oh well just click the images of this text link to check them out. Click Here to go to

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a great way to save some time and keyboard shortcuts are no different no matter if your typing in your favorite word-processor like Microsoft Word or on your WordPress blog, keyboard shortcuts can and will save you a good bit of time once you get used to using them.

Keep in mind that these aren’t new, most of these have been around for a very long time and if you’ve seen them around before then great, if not that’s even better. I’ve been using some of these for years, and others well not so much, but who knows they may be just what someone needs. Alright without wasting anymore time let’s get down to it shall we.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Visual Post Editor

WordPress uses a modified version of the Tiny MCE editor that appears on the Visual tab in the post editor of WordPress, it’s a rich text editor with formatting buttons that remind you of Microsoft Office and a great many other Office programs like Open Office.

Most people especially new users use their mouse and click on the formatting and styling buttons on the editor, this is all fine and good and really comes down to what your comfortable with, however  once you start using keyboard shortcuts you can keep your hands on keyboard longer and edit your posts much faster. Also if you are a Mac user then you can use the Command key instead of Ctrl. it has the same function. Oh… and before anyone asks no the letters don’t have to be in Caps, I’m just goofy like that and I think it looks better on screen.

  1. Ctrl + B = Bold
  2. Ctrl + I = Italic
  3. Ctrl + U = Underline (Would be nice is there was a double underline shortcut)
  4. Ctrl + C = Copy
  5. Ctrl + V = Paste
  6. Ctrl + X = Cut
  7. Ctrl + K = Insert Link
  8. Ctrl + A = Select All
  9. Ctrl + Z = Undo
  10. Ctrl + Y = Redo
  11. Ctrl + [number] = Insert different heading sizes, e.g. CTRL+1 = <h1>, CTRL+2 = <h2> etc.
  12. Alt + Shift + N = Check Spelling, lord knows I really need this.
  13. Alt + Shift + L = Align Left
  14. Alt + Shift + J = Justify Text
  15. Alt + Shift + C = Align Center
  16. Alt + Shift + A = Insert link, yep another way to insert a link, because you can never really have too many right 🙂
  17. Alt + Shift + D = Strikethrough
  18. Alt + Shift + R = Align Right
  19. Alt + Shift + U = Unordered List
  20. Alt + Shift + M = Insert Image
  21. Alt + Shift + O = Numeric List
  22. Alt + Shift + S = Remove link
  23. Alt + Shift + Q = Quote
  24. Alt + Shift + T = Insert More Tag
  25. Alt + Shift + P = Insert Page Break tag
  26. Alt + Shift + W = Full screen distraction free writing mode, it’s great once you learn the shortcuts you need.
  27. Alt + Shift + H = Rich text editor help, for those times when you need just that little bit of extra help…

Keyboard Shortcuts for that Plain Ole Text Editor

The pain text editor is as simple as it gets as far as text editors go, it appears on your post editor under the Text tab, simple enough I know but hey some people may not know. You’ll find some very basic formatting buttons and you can see all the html (hypertext markup language) in the editor as well. WordPress only has a few shortcuts for the plain text editor but hey what more do you need.

  1. Ctrl + C = Copy
  2. Ctrl + V = Paste
  3. Ctrl + X = Cut
  4. Ctrl + Z = Undo
  5. Ctrl + Y = Redo (One that I rarely use)
  6. Ctrl + P = Print (Well just in case, you know, you want to print the code.)
  7. Alt + Shift + P = Publish (A.K.A Oh, God! Now Everyone Will See My Work)
  8. Alt + Shift + F = Fullscreen distraction free writing

Sorry if you were looking for a bit more, but really what else do you need unless you’re into hard coding everything and even then the basics are all you really need anyway, because if you are like me, you may have cheat sheets of code that you use often so all you have to do is copy and paste.

There is a lot more shortcuts that you can use in editing your posts and pages, but I’m not even going to get into those or the shortcuts for working with comments for that I’ll refer you to the WordPress Codex on Keyboard Shortcuts, it has a lot of information about how to enable shortcuts for comments and more… I would basically have to rewrite the whole thing to make it easier to understand and less boring but hey I got other thing to do like figuring out how to make a billion dollars before I die.