IFTTT Issue Fixed

I had an issue with IFTTT (If This Then That). It was posting videos on it’s own to my site, the issue that I had was that I never even watched the videos, shared, or liked them (I do like them but not on YouTube) etc. It wasn’t any videos that I made or have uploaded which are only 4, and it was looking like I was posting them as my own.

I ended up resetting my IFTTT password and turning everything off, I then deleted all of the posts, until I have time to research them myself and write something around the videos then share them giving credit where credit is due.

Anyway IFTTT is a handy little automation service that when used the right way can help you promote your content across different platforms very easy once it’s set up.

Let’s say you write this killer post and you want people on your personal Facebook profile, your Facebook Page, Twitter, and maybe even Google+… well with IFTTT once you set it up and finish your post, once save or publish it hit it shares it on all accounts you have setup.

They have apps for Android and Apple devices or you can just log in on the website. So what exactly is IFTTT, well lets see…

IFTTT is a free platform that helps you do more with all your apps and devices using Applets to manage your services.

Applets bring your services together allowing you to create new experiences and opening up new ways to get things done with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Also it’s easy to turn applets on and off if something doesn’t work right, because sometimes you may have to play with the settings, but there is plenty of help online on blogs, and videos on YouTube.


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I tend to blog about a wide range of thing because a wide range of thing interests me. I don’t want to be limited by one niche if you want to call it that. I do the occasional review of different affiliate products and give you my opinion about them, I also write short simple reviews of products that I order from Amazon… these reviews are one of the ways that help pay for this site and other things so if you find something you like please order it from my links, also share what you like on social networks if you’re feeling generous.

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I have to look to see what addon posed those video posts… I don’t mind while I’m working on other projects but I still would like to know and maybe tailor it to add an affiliate link to each post.


After looking over all of my addons it appears that none of them are the cause. The only thing that I can think of is ITTT (If This Then That) is causing these videos to be shared on my site, I toyed with it on my iPad Pro before I pawned it, these are not even videos that I would even watch for the most part which makes me think that someone may be using my iPad.

The funny thing is all of the videos are by Alex Becker, I’m not sure why only his videos are showing on my site, I do subscribe to his YouTube Channel and enjoy watching his videos, they usually contain useful information. However I subscribe to about 100+ channels and he has a lot of videos, so why are these videos appearing, I’m not sharing them, I may have to redo my site again, or maybe write articles around these videos…. but maybe I should run that by Alex Becker first… after all I’m not taking any credit for his work, but for some reason it’s showing up on my site, maybe that’s some sort of sign if you believe in that sort of thing.

Hopefully I’ll have an extra $600 to $700 to get all of my stuff out of pawn, I have a Sony Camera, a PlayStation 4, a Galaxy Note 8, and an iPad Pro 12.9″.. I was having a little run of bad luck after having to take extra time off work and having two very short checks and a ton on loans I’m trying to pay off.