Sometimes You Just Need To Shut-up and Listen

Now days people are in such a hurry, they hurry to get from place to place often because they were in too big of hurry to plan to leave on time or playing on their phones, (I’ve seen twenty-seven accidents this year, mainly from people in a hurry or one the phone, they are totally unaware of something called stopping distance).

They eat too fast, walk too fast (I’m guilty of that myself, never taking enough time to enjoy the sights around me), talking too fast (what was that you said, I didn’t hear all of it because you were talking like the micro-machines man), with all the hustle and bustle in the world we need to slow down, shut-up, and just relax… life is not going to pass you by if you stop to enjoy it once in a while.

The world is an amazing place when you give it a chance, I know that I drive too fast which is why I use the cruse a LOT!! I generally go about 75 sometime 80 if I really have to go if you know what I mean, those that seem to think they are Nascar drivers getting bumper to bumper going nighty miles per hour with behind people who are already riding their breaks, I mean come one there is no way you can react in time if they suddenly stopped without having a wreak or crashing into other drivers.

I watched and was rather amused a few weeks ago as this guy in a pickup truck came up behind me and was right on my bumper, I was behind a couple other cars and there were a few in the other lane, so this dumb jerk straddles the lanes as if that’s going to make the traffic go any faster, I was waiting my turn and following the car ahead of me a little too close for the speed we were traveling but this guy darts between me and the car ahead of me rear ends the car ahead of me and I still had a little enough distance where I veered to  the side of the highway safely.

The funny part was he hit the person ahead of me, and the car that took his place behind me which was riding my ass also hits the guy in the truck, and the person the guy hit ran into someone else, all because of that one stupid guy that was in such a hurry that he thought the traffic was going to part like the Red Sea did for Moses. Just lucky no one got hurt during the whole thing other than some minor damage to bumpers and some pissed off people, it got funnier and funnier as all of these people started fussing and cussing at each other, it was priceless I just leaned my seat back, shut my mouth, closed my eyes and just listened to all the stupid things they said until the police showed up.

They were all able to get their vehicles off the road to clear up traffic, and from what I could tell the guy in the truck had it a little worse, the front and rear of his truck had damage to it. It was a nice Ford F150 that looked new, it was black and I would’ve loved to have it, I’m more of a Dodge person by I’d take a Ford if it were give to me.

Anyway if these people would have just went a little slower then this would have never happened and they would have all been happy the rest of the night. The funny thing about the guy in the truck was that he was going to the same casino that I was and I got there before he did. I know this because I walked in played my freeplay and ate for free then as I was leaving he got out of the elevator that I was getting into, and here is something else that was funny he was parked on the same floor, the same section, and row I was parked in, I was parked a little bit farther away because I like to save the closer parking for older people, but not everyone feels the same.

I could go on and one, but there is really only one point to make here… Life is too short, so just relax, don’t stress, shut-up and listen to the birds sing, the wind blow, just enjoy it, because one day some stupid person in too big of a hurry just to do something stupid could just end your life or someone you love. So take a couple minutes to just slow down and enjoy the small things that this world has to offer.

I should have taken some pictures but I didn’t even think about my phone. Oh well I can still see everything clearly in my head, it seems to piss people off when you don’t tailgate the person in front of you, where these people learned to drive is beyond me if they even had driver’s licenses.