Everyday Items Used for Self-defense

Crime nowadays is crazier than every and not all of us carry guns, knives, stun devices, etc. We also don’t keep our homes as secure as we should allowing easy access and making ourselves targets for the wicked. However you can make yourself less of a victim by keeping claim and using everyday items to your advantage.

Your keys tucked between your fingers can do a lot of damage to your attackers face, it can disable them long enough for you to getaway if you are lucky, keep cool, and don’t panic. Screw drivers, hard-back books, small tables, boiling water, the coffee pot, pan lids, bottles, fire pokers, umbrellas, knives, glass dishes, tire irons, jacks, hell even children’s toys like doll legs can be used as defensive items.

You job is to figure out where everything in you home, car, or person is that you can use to defend yourself and try to put yourself in a position to reach those items, every room in your home should have something that you can use, a metal coat hanger, flammable air fresheners and a lighter, powder to toss into the eyes, even soap on a tile floor can be used to your advantage by making it harder for your attacker to stand.

However long blunt objects, and sharp objects are best if you can get your attacker disoriented enough to use them effectively. Brooms and mops, pots and pan, that brass white figure that your mother gave you, all of these can be used. Once you get a few hard strikes in go for vital areas like the back of the head, knees, groin, lower back (kidney area), anything does when it’s your life and the lives of your loved ones on the line.

So what if they have a gun? Well if they don’t just burst in and start shooting then they want something, money, sex, whatever. This can give you a chance, even a cell phone in your pocket, sock, etc. can be a self-defense tool, or you can just dial 911 hit send and drop it under the bed, table, anyplace that works.

There are tons of books, videos, and sites about self-defense and many good self-defense items and weapons you can buy, quite a few even look harmless… that’s not chap stick your holding, it’s a single shot .22. well maybe not that small but there are very items with hidden blades, shocking features, pepper spray (not my favorite but can help), and yes if you search hard enough you maybe able to find a gunsmith that can turn your umbrella into a loaded .45 lol.

Inspiration for this post came form Improvised Self-Defense Weapons: How to Turn Everyday Objects to Your Advantage on BlackBelgMag.com written by Melissa Soalt. Although self-defense is something everyone should learn Melissa focuses more on women which is fine because women are the targets for most rapists, however men can learn a great deal from her articles also, they are full of good information and I couldn’t put everything into such a nice format.

Anyway check out the items below when you want to get serious about self-defense! They are affiliate links from Amazon and ClickBank mostly there are a couple that are not affiliate related but I got to make a living somehow until I find or create a new job for myself.

And now for the ClickBank products, I would make a larger commission if I would just sell these but money is not everything, I want to give you some choices and there is plenty more to choose from on Amazon and ClickBank so if you don’t like my recommendations then by all means keep looking until you find something you like especially on Amazon, even if its Harry Potter lol.

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  • Concealed Carry Loophole – Learn How To Legally Concealed Carry In 28 States From An Ex-CIA Agent.
  • The Systematic Survival Plan – Learn the methods that will make you independent and give you the tools to safeguard your family.

There you have it a couple courses some contain video, and a couple of tools yep a pen and flashlight that you can use to whoop the crap out of someone while blinding them, then to add insult to injury you can draw penises on their face when you are done. Well that would be something, I mean if you end up in jail for beating your mailman senseless because he scared you then you may as well go for a laugh too right. Just kidding, these two items a build really well, and who couldn’t use another flashlight, and this one is awesome, the pen is not just for writing in this case and it just may be mightier than the sword.

Alright that’s all I have for now, thanks for reading please let me know what you would like to see more of either in the comments or using the form on the contact page. It may take me a few hours or even a day to get back to you because when I’m not blogging, or playing Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft then I am job hunting. Even if this blog suddenly started making me thousands of dollars a month I think I would still want a job, if for nothing else than medical and dental insurance plus retirement.

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