Not A Very Good Month Just Like The Rest Of My Year

Oh well that’s life, had to go to the ER Sunday apparently I may have a gallstone and a kidney infection oh the sheer joy lol, it made me feel like I was having a heart-attack. Anyway like most of this year this month is turning out to be very unprofitable and unlike most affiliates I don’t mind showing you what failure looks like.

Amazon Earnings
Amazon Earnings
ClickBank Earnings
ClickBank Earnings
Sponsored Tweets
Sponsored Tweets

As you can see I’ve been plugging away on this site, Facebook, and Twitter but have not made the first sale. It’s disappointing but not to the point that I just want to curl up and quit. I will just keep trying until something works. I have not made any money in affiliate marketing in years and that was when I didn’t need money and was just goofing off, now that I need it I can’t make it lol go figure.

So what are my next steps? Well I plan on building more followers on Twitter, figure out how to get more friends on Facebook and Google+, get more traffic to this site and my Facebook Fan Page. I’m not trying to just push a bunch of junk on people I pick some useful products, products that I have or would use and promote them.

It seems that people are very untrusting of affiliate links, well don’t be buying an item through an affiliate link changes nothing for you. The only difference is the seller of the product has to pay me or whom ever is promoting the product a commission and that comes from their end. You don’t get a discount just because you go directly to the website and not through the link, that just means that the seller gets 100% of the money and I the affiliate get 0%, as sad as that is that is how some people think.

They think that if they click on an affiliate link they’ll have to pay more, but they don’t and in some cases they may pay more. Especially if the affiliate is promoting a program that is offering a discount. Most likely the discount only applies to the affiliates link, because it was done through an affiliate network and just going to the sales page without using the link just make it cost more with no discount.

I’m not out to get rich, as much as I wouldn’t mind being wealthy and all it’s not what I’m after, I just want to earn a modest income maybe $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 a month. Which when you figure I will have to pay taxes on it, and bills, food, insurance, and so on it’s really not that much. If I were to make $20,000,00 a month I would bring home only about $13,000.00 less if I were to make only $10,000.00. However I don’t have to worry about that because as you can see from the screen shots I make $0.00 a month.

If I was trying to suck you into a sales funnel to capture your email address so I could mail you special offers that were crap, I bet people would be all over it. People tend to be suckers for fancy sales pages/landing pages where they offer a free course that is crap for seven days where all you have to do is give them your email address and name.

This puts you on their mailing list and an auto-responder sends out pre-made emails to you on a preset interval like once a day for x number of days, or once a week for x numbers of weeks, and so on. This methods works not only does it give them the name and email of a potential client that they can then promote their affiliate offers to or custom products/services to it gives them a list that once it gets large enough can be worth a lot of money.

They can then keep using the list to mail you new programs they come out with that are usually crap or sell the list for a few hundred or thousand dollars a few thousand people and make a ton of money. Congrats you just made these people millions of dollars and can’t even spend a few dollars on small time affiliates like myself.

It’s cool, I really don’t mind if people don’t buy from me. I’ll just keep doing what I do and if I am a little to honest to want to stoop to low-ball tactics then I guess I may never profit. People seem to like those who lie, cheat, and steel more anyway. I’m sorry I can’t be that dishonest and lie to you just to make a sale, if that’s what you are looking for you are on the wrong site.

You see the products I pick are ones that I have tried, or products that I would use myself. I don’t just pick random stuff to promote, that’s why there’s not hundreds of thousands of products listed on this site. I do plan on promoting thousands of products but that may take quite some time because I hand pick the ones I list.

Most of these course work, hell almost every program offered works to some degree, however your results may never be as much or even close to those that were in test groups. It’s not because you’re doing it wrong, it’s just that it’s been done too much and no longer as profitable. It also depends on how much effort you put into it.

I can tell you this, that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Like the ones that tell you that with just a few clicks of their special software you will make $10,000.00 a day. What a load of crap the only ones making 10k a day are the ones who made the software, you the user would be lucky to make $10 a day. I prefer the ones that teach you something, what to promote, where to promote it, how to do something, etc.

If you need a place to start check out Amazons Associates program, ClickBankSponsored Tweets, and the thousands of other affiliate networks around on the internet. Two of those links are affiliate links, I didn’t feel like digging through Amazon until I found the affiliate link to the associates program.