Samsung Halts Products of Note 7

image sources: Samsung and Forbes
image sources: Samsung and Forbes

What a shame that Samsung has had such a major issue with the Galaxy Note 7. I really liked my Note 4 and was looking forward to getting a new phone and was wanting to stick with the Notes after having a Note 3 and 4 I really liked the way it felt, the weight, and screen size. This past Thursday I made a trip to the AT&T Store in Mobile because I was having some issues with my current phone not charging very well and getting a little hot.

image sources: Samsung and Forbes

Well it still cost me $154 but I was able to get a new phone, I went with the Galaxy S7 Edge which is not a bad phone, but they didn’t have a case for it so I better be careful. Anyway I was wanting to get the new iPhone 7s I think is the one I was looking to get the bigger or the two but they were out and on back-order. How-ever the more I thought about it the iPhones still feel the same and apps look the same as they did on the 3Gs I used to have, just with a bigger screen.

After all the battery issues and screen exploding that the Note 7s had I which really was not all that many but I think Samsung made a wise choice to recall all of the devices. I may cost them a ton of money but I’m sure they can recover they have other phones, and electronics. I think that I’ll stick with them after all I’ve been using Samsung phones for five years now with no issues other than me dropping them.

This is just my take on the issue, but there is a really good article complete with some pictures of a few of the burnt phones over at BuzzFeed. Hop over there and give it a read, as if you need me to give you a shove, you probably stumbled across this article while looking for that one. Also not that it matters anymore but if you want to know the major differences between the Note 7 and S7 then this article at Forbes does an awesome job at providing that information.

I do have to admit that my favorite Samsung phone was the Galaxy Mega, this was a huge bad boy and movies looked great on as well as games, the speakers were not bad either, camera could have used a little work, but I really liked the phone but had to keep it in my back pocket, I went thru three of them due to the screen getting shattered on two of them and the third one I let someone plug it in and they destroyed my charging port.

Hum oh well I used to have a picture of my Mega, didn’t really want to use one someone else made, but I guess I will. Haha I found it on one of my other blogs, yep I have a few other blogs. What are you surprised that someone with as crappy writing skills as I have would have other blogs? Well it don’t matter here is the picture…

Samsung Galaxy Mega


So you have yourself an S7 Edge do you, well why not get yourself a nice stylish case for it. You don’t want the fancy phone to become a fancy paperweight because you forgot to get insurance do you?


While your at it why not get the Rapid Wireless Charger also? Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself! Just think you can let it sit there at a nice angle and use your phone as a clock at night, or watch a video without having to hold it in your hands the whole time, kind of frees up your hands for other things.