PCH Is It Real?

Almost everyone and their mother has heard of Publishers Clearinghouse over the years even when I was a kid I remember going to the mailbox and seeing the envelopes claiming that you could win a million dollars. I watched month after month as my mother would fill these things out and mail them back in. Did she ever win anything? Nope not one single thing, no gift cards, no money, no prizes.

Well after spends a few months trying the new way you enter and play PCH via their website or app, I’ve come to believe that it’s just as fake now as it has always been. I’m sure that they may give out a prize from time to time just so it’s harder for people to spot what’s really going on.

For starters after joining PCH did anyone notice getting more spam emails then they can shake a stick at, that may be because your contact information was sold off to their partners in crime. How-about more push notices on your mobile device? Yeah that too, not sure if it has anything to do with them but a month after I signed up I started getting random text ads on my phone.

They have a ton on games and ads on their site, why well it sure is not there to just give away prizes it’s all there to make them money, they get paid for every video your forced to watch, every game you play, every contest you enter, every ad you view/click on. They get paid for just about everything you do on their site, and the more time you spend there the more they stand to make.

I get all these notices about entering these $5000 a week for life contests and I enter them on faith that by some small chance that I can win but beating out the other billion entries they get for the contest lol. Oh well while it would be a great thing to not have to worry where your next check would be coming form or how much you would be making, I really don’t think I would ever win $5000 a week for life. $20,000.00 a month would be a total life change, but I’m not one that would just want to sit back in collect a check, I would donate some to area churches, people in need, may ever start my own business, if I didn’t just find a job somewhere where I could make another $8-10k per month.

Yeah $28-30k a month is not all that uncommon for a select few, and some even make over $500,000.00 a month but that’s not all profit. Take me for instance, guess how much I make per month now. Nothing $0-$1000 if I am lucky and I’m not lucky at all this year, so my chances for being one of the few that gets $5000 a week for life would be about 0.0000000000001% yeah it’s that bad.

Lets put it this way if I haven’t won something by January 2017 I will quit playing, I’m in need of a major change in my life and need a lot of money to bail me out of this whole that has become my life this year, it would be great if I could earn $2000 a week somehow. I know some bloggers make some serious cash, but sadly I have not made a dime blogging, that’s not to say that I never make any money online. I’ve made a little bit via different affiliate products but nothing that I could live on over the years.

Oh well this is not about me it’s about PCH which while some of the games are kind of fun and not a bad way to kill a little time, it’s designed to try to keep you coming back everyday. All the points you get can be used to buy more chances at prizes including gift cards which some people tend to think is as good as money. I’m sorry but I really don’t want gift cards unless I can get cash off of them, but I guess they could be useful if they are large enough. Like buy a Kindle from Amazon using gift cards and then sell it on eBay or Letgo for just a few dollars less.

I just hope that if you sign-up at PCH.com that you have better luck that I do, it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of connection I’m on the slot games always glitch and crash, I’m supposed to play seven games to unlock some stupid bonus but they always glitch and I don’t get my seven games. Oh well I’m sure some of you will have better luck, just remember me if you do lol yeah like that’ll ever happen.