Sitewide Change

I had hopes of this site becoming more of a content hub by allowing people to create groups and post their own articles but so far out of all the people that have registered it appears that none of them are creating anything other than SPAM. BuddyPress can be a great and powerful tool to help any blog grow if it is used properly.

Sadly I didn’t and still don’t know enough about the platform to make it a more useful tool to help this site grow and provide a wider range of content for the poor readers who stumble onto this site. I know I kind of lost my focus because BloggingToTheWorld is supposed to be about blogging, vlogging, making money, photo-blogging, and content creation.

Somehow I let personal feeling cloud my judgement and make me loose focus. I don’t like the site as it is and if I don’t like it I’m sure others will feel the same. For this reason I am redoing the site with better content, better plugins, better themes, and a better attitude.

There will still be some personal rants but they will have their own place. I’ve been brushing up on my WordPress skills and I may try to create a page for each type of blog post, have a dedicated homepage so that all my posts don’t appear on the homepage. I also plan on monetizing the site better, I will be adding AdSense to the mix and continue using ClickBank and Amazon products in my posts but only if the products fit, I’ll also be using other affiliate networks.

I will be leaving the top-bar and adding a form to the sidebar to collect email addresses for a mailing list. This list will be used by myself only and will never be sold, it will be used to send you special offers, freebies, and tips, your inbox will not be flooded by me as I only send emails to my lists once or twice a month or so.

I am going to start trying to make my posts more visual by adding more pictures and videos to my posts. I want to try to provide you with quality content that is not like everything else online, I want to make money from this website but not at the expense of making people feel unwelcomed and like they have to buy something, or signup for my mailing list because you don’t have to do anything if you buy a product, signup for my mailing list, or donate to the site then great if not that is fine because the content is free.