One Annoying Thing Fixed A Couple More To Go!

Alright so I just changed the theme and that was the problem with the navigation and I got the Google Ads working on mobile devices and my text now appears full width in my editor now. However there is another issue that I’ll address this afternoon when I get back home, and that is the ClickBank Ads that appears beside the first post… this is not really an issue with laptops, desktops, and large tablets. It is an issue for smaller screens like smartphones and small tablets. I will be turning these off for now, until I have time to figure out how to move them into the sidebar.

I don’t want to totally get rid of the ClickBank Ads because that is the only thing that has gotten any clicks of off the clickable products no sales but clicks. I don’t think it will really make all that much of a difference, may even help me get a little bit more readers by getting rid of them. Well that’s it they are gone once I click publish.