Sitewide Change

I had hopes of this site becoming more of a content hub by allowing people to create groups and post their own articles but so far out of all the people that have registered it appears that none of them are creating anything other than SPAM. BuddyPress can be a great and powerful tool to help any blog grow if it is used properly.

Sadly I didn’t and still don’t know enough about the platform to make it a more useful tool to help this site grow and provide a wider range of content for the poor readers who stumble onto this site. I know I kind of lost my focus because BloggingToTheWorld is supposed to be about blogging, vlogging, making money, photo-blogging, and content creation.

Somehow I let personal feeling cloud my judgement and make me loose focus. I don’t like the site as it is and if I don’t like it I’m sure others will feel the same. For this reason I am redoing the site with better content, better plugins, better themes, and a better attitude.

There will still be some personal rants but they will have their own place. I’ve been brushing up on my WordPress skills and I may try to create a page for each type of blog post, have a dedicated homepage so that all my posts don’t appear on the homepage. I also plan on monetizing the site better, I will be adding AdSense to the mix and continue using ClickBank and Amazon products in my posts but only if the products fit, I’ll also be using other affiliate networks.

I will be leaving the top-bar and adding a form to the sidebar to collect email addresses for a mailing list. This list will be used by myself only and will never be sold, it will be used to send you special offers, freebies, and tips, your inbox will not be flooded by me as I only send emails to my lists once or twice a month or so.

I am going to start trying to make my posts more visual by adding more pictures and videos to my posts. I want to try to provide you with quality content that is not like everything else online, I want to make money from this website but not at the expense of making people feel unwelcomed and like they have to buy something, or signup for my mailing list because you don’t have to do anything if you buy a product, signup for my mailing list, or donate to the site then great if not that is fine because the content is free.

Still Some Problems

While the site looks a lot better now with the new theme there are still some errors that I have noticed. I will be working on these to night to try to get them fixed, nothing major just some small stuff like most of my sidebar items not showing but the site navigation shows just fine. Well if that doesn’t just beat all I fixed one of the issues with the comments not displaying a box.

To start with click on the article you want to comment on and scroll all the way down the page below the recommend articles and you should see the comment box, also please click on the share icons to your left and or the ones at the bottom of the posts. Thank you for your help in advance, now it’s time for me to find out why the sidebar information is not showing up like it is supposed to.

About Time For An Update

Wow I’ve need neglecting my blog and that’s not good! So I’ve been a little down on my luck but that’s life, I just have to keep looking, praying, and trying something is bound to take flight for me sooner or later I just need to stay afloat until something big happens.

I‘ve noticed some changes to my site, but I will have to look into them today. There is no navigation bar to the right of the posts which is odd, it may have to do with the theme but it’s not a big deal I’ll change it in a bit to see.

Also while writing my posts everything seems formatted to a set width and does not use the whole width of the editor like it used to, but I don’t mind that, it also may have to do with the theme or some plugin. Speaking of plugins I’m about to install “Insert Headers and Footers” mainly because it makes it easy for me to add the Google AdSense page level ads code to my blog.

I feel fairly well about thing lately no more bad thoughts but still have not found work yet. I did put in some applications one for Marquette Transportation and Kirby Marine, I did hear back from Kirby and they wanted me to send them a copy of all of my documents like TWIC card, drivers license, MMC, medical, radar, and so on.

Well I did as they asked last Sunday, and even tried to contact them Monday and Tuesday but didn’t have any luck I don’t know if they even got my information and I will call them Monday to check on it. I need a job that can pay the bills while I work on my business and making over $100k a year is not a bad place to be and if they are as short handed as they claim to be maybe I can get a $5k to $10k sign-on bonus or more.

Just so I have a little money in the bank until I start drawing some pay. Also I just got 5 new domains that I will list here as soon as they are done, the each will have 300 pages of information and be laced with Google AdSense and ClickBank products, my hopes is that after about three months I will starts seeing a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month come in.

Another thing if anyone reads this and know the answer to it please leave a comment… I keep getting new users signing up for the site, but I don’t have any interaction with them, granted most are span bots but it would be nice if I could add these signups to my Mail Chimp mailing list. Is there anyway to do this? I guess it would be blind signups more of a black-hat method, I think there should be a better way.

Anyway moving on, what else has been happening.. Oh I will be going to the casino Monday for a couple of reasons 1. I have $85 of freeplay and 2. after 6pm I get another $45 bonus that I can cash out. So even if I don’t win anything on the $85 I can still walk out with $45 so win, win, win… Wish me luck I need it, just don’t pray that I win, God has enough prayers to answer without that being one of them.

I just want enough money to pay what I owe, pay my dad back, and give my wife and kids a better life. Anyhow is it just me or is this update getting a little long? Doesn’t really matter but I would like to see more people visit this site, and a few donations would be great, what would even be better if I could get some affiliate sales before the end of the year, I have not gotten my kids anything for Christmas yet and doesn’t look like I will be getting them anything at all this year.

They both like to play World of Warcraft but I can afford to get them any game time right now, or even pay their internet bill which is over $570 now because it’s almost three months behind. Anyway I don’t mind not having any money for myself but when I can’t provide for my family then something has to give either my pride has to go and I get my ass out the door and start begging for pennies or I sit here and feel sorry for my self and rot away.

I think that I have been trying to find work, just not hard enough I fill out all these forms but never hear back and after two or three attempts to contact them I give up and move on… when what I should do is drive to their offices and demand to see someone about a job, tell them to test me, give me a shot, I won’t let them down. I don’t know, maybe I should start tell them lies to get a job, but I tell the whole story and don’t leave anything out, maybe that is my problem.

What I want is a full-time job that will pay me over $100k a year, and a few side businesses that can make me about $10k-$20k a month. I don’t want a lot. It’s not like I’m asking for millions or billions but just a few hundred thousand a year and I would be happy. I don’t mind working for a living, and look forward to it…

Does that mean that if I won a few million dollars at the casino or from the lottery or by the grace of God some very wealthy person hands me a few million that I wouldn’t take it or quite looking for work? Well I would defiantly take the money, and yeah I would quite looking for work because I would start my own small business by getting a bigger heat-press, a couple 3D printers, and some other tools designs and so on for a tee-shirt and gift printing business that would be mobile because I would have everything setup in a big trailer that I could pull behind a truck or van.

I could then travel all over the country and go to different fairs and trade shows and make some money. I would also buy stuff to resale on eBay while I traveled. I would do this with my sons before they move out on their own… but really I wouldn’t need a few million for this business on a couple hundred thousand, what a shame that I don’t have a job and my credit sucks at a whooping 540 and dropping. Bankruptcy is starting to look really good right about now.

Oh and also I was looking though some of the many making money online things I got over the years, most that I never even tried and found one I totally forgot about, because I am a member they gave me a crappy WordPress blog that I can’t do much with but you are welcome to check it out who know you may even want to give them a shot, I am starting to read over the information and I like it so far, don’t know why I didn’t do more with it years ago when I got it… anyway click here to go to the crappy blog that I need to post more stuff to.