I would like to take a moment to welcome you to the site and tell you a little bit about it and what goes on here. For starters if your don’t see very much content don’t worry the site is brand new. I just refocused the site, turning it into a multi-person blog from a personal one. It gives me a direction to go in and is helping me avoid the dark path that I was traveling down for the past few months. Anyway the site is for anyone and everyone almost there are a few rules and by creating a blog you agree to those rules, don’t worry it’s nothing that your going to have to sign in blood and I don’t think most people are going to have a problem with, to find out more visit the About page,

This site allows the use of affiliate links and you I may place a link to an affiliate in into some of your posts from time to time when that site needs to earn more money. I will never place more than two links into any post unless they are my own. This way I get to the chance to make a little money from the content you create, think of it as a hosting fee after all I don’t know of any blogging platforms that does not use advertisements to make money, sure Blogger will allow you to use your own AdSense code, but they get a cut of the action just like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Once again welcome and be sure to join for your free blog, and join our mailing list that we may never even use but it would be nice just the same.



About The Author
Robert Atchison Jr Owner of Bloggtotheworld.com Vessel Captain with ACBL, blogger, photographer, painter, with a passion for online entrepreneurship such as affiliate marketing, eBay and Amazon. I also enjoy being social on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Other than online activities I also like to go out for a night on the town when I can afford it or have the time, camping, swimming, working out (a little), etc.